Saturday 27 August 2011

Laughter is the Best Medicine

It has been shown that laughter actually affects human physiology!

Laughter reduces pain by producing endorphins which act as pain killers and strenghtens our immunity. Endorphins also reduces cortisol (the stress hormone) and allows the body to return to a more relaxed state. Laugher allows us to change our perspective on life by making our problems seem smaller, if only for a few moments. It opens up creativity and allows us to overcome fear.

So it's healthy to bring more laughter into your life.
Here are some ideas as to how you can do this:

1.  Collect things that make you laugh - it could be a folder on your computer filled with cartoons, jokes, funny emails that really make you laugh, hang funny pictures on your wall where you will see them, keep a joke or two in your wallet to keep the mood light.

2. Do some of the things you used to love as a child - go to the park and go on a swing, go down the slide, go to the zoo or aquarium, go to a kids movie and eat lots of popcorn! The sky's the limit.

3. Lighten up your work environment - bring in a toy or stuffed animal you like, something that makes you smile when you look at it. (I have a mini darth-vader on my computer, and I've got lots of pictures of Stitch everywhere - he's a great energy to have around!)

4. Invite some friends over for a sleep-over party - keep it fun, pillow fights, eat junk food, stay up all night telling scary stories! Or have a "come as you are party" with one rule only - keep it funny. You'll all work off of each other and the energy will heal and energise all of you.

5. If you're in a stressful situation, step back from it and imagine if you were a character from your favourite tv comedy - what would they do? (How would Phoebe or Fraiser handle it?)

You do have a chioice. Invite laughter into your life, and see where it brings you - just for a change. See where it goes - does it help? Do you feel better? Does it take the "edge" off? And know, that even though it might feel silly at first, it actually does help reduce stress in your body and that in itself creates a better perspective and clarity to handle any situation.

Thursday 25 August 2011

Love Ourselves, Heal the World

We are in extraordinary times. Tonight a group of women came to my centre, and I was more than certain of what we needed to do. For the first time in a Reiki share, I had only one plinth set up, and we all concentrated the whole of the group's energies so we could have an intense healing for ourselves, and for each other.
As I set up the room this evening to get ready, I realised that it is truly the end of the summer. That the world has shifted, again, and that the energy is affecting all of us in one way or another. I have been under a dark cloud for the most part of a week, and nothing could shift it until I had the realisation that it was not mine. The energy of the earth is on the move, shifting and changing, bringing up the darker, heavy stuff. The old stuff. The original wounding. Why I was insisting on going back to work I had already done over the past five days was confusing to me but I got trapped in my old patterns, I was hooked like a fish who took the bait. Until today.
So I write this for you. If you have already done your deep shadow work, this is not your time to revisit and re-do. Go gently and easy on yourself and treat yourself well and know your work has been done, that it is the shifting of the energies of the great mother earth, and that we are being carried along for the ride. As you read this you know if this applies to you.
And if you have never done deep shadow work, then now is the time for you to look under the cracks, under the stones, the recesses, to let the skeletons out and to lift up that carpet and release the dustballs to the wind. You will know if this is you. You can get help, remember -you are not alone. People have done this before and are familiar with the stepping stones across the river. There are helping hands out there to guide you across and to the other side.
And for all of us, breathe. Talk about how you are feeling. Know that we are all changing, that we will get through this if we open to and hold ourselves in a space of love.

Love ourselves and the healing will happen. Love ourselves and we heal the world.

Tuesday 9 August 2011

Give a Gift Today

Times are tight - face it, we're watching every penny. It's not all bad, we are demanding better service, better quality and are learning about the feeling of gratitude (I'm so grateful I can pay my bills...).

There are gifts you can offer that don't cost you a cent, and they are gifts as much for yourself as for someone else. I thought I'd just take the opportunity to remind you of what they are.

1. The Gift of Listening: Really listening, not thinking about what you are going to say next, not jumping right in with your opinion. Being still, being fully present and listening. You might learn something!

2. The Gift of Affection: Give a hug, a kiss, hold someone's hand, and accept the affection coming back to you. Small actions demonstrate the love that you say you feel for something - don't tell me you love me, show me!

3. The Gift of Laughter: Share funny stories, find the happiness in a situation and bring joy wherever you go. Even if it is difficult at first, remember that a smile is catching. You can even sense a smile down the phone! It benefits you as well as the people around you and you will find a new lightness in yourself as the laughter releases heavy emotions.

4. The Gift of a Kind Word: Telling someone they look really well, that the food was tasty, or that they did great in something, can make a big difference to someone's day.

5. The Gift of a Favour: What you give out will come back to you ten fold, maybe not from where you expect it. So "Pay it Forward" and if you can, do something nice for someone and expect no direct reward. Just feeling the energy of kindness and love passing from you out into the universe is a reward in itself.

6. The Gift of Gratitude: Just spending time listing down all the things you are grateful for, and allowing the energy to come into your body can be a healing, cleansing experience. You can share this with someone else by listing the things about that person that you are grateful for - why not splash out and make a handmade card, and write it inside of it!

7. The Gift of Creativity: We all have a capacity to create, when we are surrounded by negativity this is one of the first things to become repressed. Promise yourself to clear out the negative thought patterns and allow yourself to create some new, positive ones that will lift your spirits up and the spirits of those around you.

I hope you find something here that motivates or inspires you to do something different today, to share a gift with a close friend, or to gift yourself something you have been missing. Remember, we are here, now, that is why it is called the present. Ok, maybe I'm not such a good comedian, but hey, if I was, you wouldn't be reading this!