Saturday 31 December 2011

New Year's Resolutions? No Thanks!

I think people make mistakes when they create New Year's resolutions. They always seem to cause pain - what you want to give up, stop doing or begin to do. But in the best of faith, we make too many resolutions, overstretching ourselves to the max, all with good intentions of course. And then by February (or earlier) these new resolutions fall by the wayside, and we're back to where we were.
Resolutions cause pain, pain comes from resistance. Why is this the case? Inside ourselves we are actually struggling against something, against being the best we can be perhaps? (“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. " ~ Marianne Williamson)

I’ve decided not to do resolutions for the last few years now, and I’ve got that “need” out of my system. However I’m looking at the end of 2011 in a different way than I usually do and asking myself –“What energies do I want to invite into 2012?”, “What energies can I leave behind in 2011?”
Everything takes energy, and it takes energy to do this work too. Seth Godin calls it "The Dip" and he says "people that lean into the dip, seek out the dip, and do whatever they have to do to overcome it are the ones that excel in their work". “The Dip” according to Seth, is the difficult period that we have to get through before our path flows smoothly upwards and towards our goals.

I'm quite a private person - I've not really disclosed anything about my personal life in the year and a half I've been in private practice (and on Facebook!). But I'm going to today. Because I'm making this work real for me and it might help make it real for you, too.

So I face my Dip and ask the following questions:

What Do I Want To Leave Behind in 2011?
My tired, self-sabotaging energies, the old ones that don't let me reach my peak, the ones that keep me down in a space of self-depreciation.

What Do I Want To Invite Into 2012?
New, bubbly energies that say "It's ok to feel great", "It's good to be alive and at your peak performance"... Ones that say "Look how many more people you can help when you are fully awake, fully clear and in your Zone". Ones that say “step into your light and be the light that you are”.

That's all. No diets, no exercise regime, no pressure. Just a shift in my internal energy. The rest will sort itself out. Once I believe truly and deeply within, that I do deserve to feel good, to be at my best, that it is OK to be happy and in my peak zone, I will naturally want to look after myself better so that I can stay there. Eating the right food, going for walks, a yoga class or the gym will follow naturally because it feels right, not because these things are something I feel I have to be doing. And I anticipate that this change will be long-lasting.

Why not try it for yourself - instead of saying "I will go to the gym more often" or "I will give up sugar and flour" why not look at what you are resisting? What it is that you're afraid of? That's the hard part, that’s the Dip. And you don't have to do it today. (Phew!)  Even just deciding "That sounds like it might have something in it, perhaps I'll give that a go" could be enough to get a new process starting inside of you.
Have a wonderful New Year. Lots of love to you all, Abby

Have a wonderful New Year. I have a good feeling about 2012. If we made it this far, we're on the road to happiness already!

Friday 2 December 2011

We're in December Now

When my alarm went off this morning I was surprised that it was so dark. Over breakfast I told my two eldest children that we have to make every effort to stay in a good, positive frame of mind now that the amount of light in the day is reduced. I bought some music yesterday for that very reason, Mega 100 top dance hits of 2011. I will play it in the car, I have it on my iphone and I'll put it on in the kitchen and we'll dance. Rhianna, Britney Spears, Cheryl Cole, in fact even the X-Factor music is good because it's got positive vibrations through and through.

I've just put the new music on as I'm writing this, and it's already bringing my mood up. Dancing now as I write! Shaking off the negative and focussing on the fact that there is only one month of days shortening until the shortest day, December 21st, and then the days start to grow longer again.

What else can we do to bring more light into our lives during this time?

ANYTHING that makes life that little bit easier for us. We'll be setting the heating to automatic over the weekend so that it comes on at 6.30am and will warm the house for when our alarm goes off at 7.30. It's much easier to get out of the bed when the house is warm, and wonderful to have warm water to wash ourselves in. I give thanks that we can pay our bills and know that we may be luckier than some. But this small thing is something that some of you may also be able to do, to bring a more positive start to your day too.

Nice food - food you like that makes your body feel good. Good, hearty soups, hot drinks, spicy orange flavours to warm the heart and allow the heart to open and fill you with heart light. Hot drinks don't always have to be caffeine drinks, there are some amazing teas out there that feel just as good to drink - my current favourite is three ginger tea.

Exercise - I just joined a gym. My last gym membership finished two months ago and I decided I'd not need to join another gym, I can walk every day, and do yoga. I got a yoga app for my iphone and I've used it once. I've not even gone for one walk! So I know what I'm like, and I know I feel better when I have exercise. Rather than feel bad and punish myself for not doing what I said I would do, I say to myself “Ok, that obviously isn’t going to work, let’s go back to the gym!” So I'm going for my first gym visit today in two months and I'm looking forward to it. Do something you love, that works for you. And if it doesn’t work, don’t get angry. What do you LOVE to do? If you are a walker then go walking! A jogger, go jogging, a swimmer, go swimming. If you can't do Yoga without a class but love yoga, for the next two months, treat yourself to a class. You will feel so much better for it.

Have fun – watch movies that you love instead of ones you think you should watch. Stay away from heaviness in the media: switch off the radio if the adverts are wrecking your head or if it is all bad news, don’t watch the documentary on starving children in Africa or the latest state of the economy. Your watching won’t change the situation but it will change you. Stop posting stuff up on your wall or spending time reading articles about adversity and depression and start looking for positive articles to read. Spread those instead. Have a laugh, tell jokes, meet with people that you like and start asking yourself what makes you happy. If it’s do-able, then do it!

Release heavy energy - Do something for yourself to raise your energetic vibration. If you've never tried it, energy healing can sound daunting, but only because you've not experienced how amazing it can be. But for those of you who have had sessions in the past you know how good you feel afterwards. It's like peeling off a layer of tiredness, of exhaustion, and opening up your heart to feel and see the colours of life again. Do it!

The run up to Christmas can be fun for some, lots of food, parties, Christmas lights and of course, the holidays themselves. For some it’s not so much fun, family times are not always happy times depending on your circumstances. But for everyone, no matter how much love they have in their lives, the days after the holidays right up until mid-February can be really, really difficult.

It is so important to look after your health, and that means Mind Body and Spirit. Invest in yourselves. Wrap yourselves in whatever you need to, to look after you, the same way you would look after your child, your best friend, your dog. We need that.

Saturday 19 November 2011

Now is an Emotionally Tough Time

I know things have been rough for all of us of late; it’s not easy when the media is shouting out about economic difficulties, government failures, religious irresponsibility and people being attacked on the streets. In fact, it’s just plain rough full stop. And even worse, the old trauma, the old pain, the stuff you thought you already dealt with? It’s back and it’s biting you bad. You thought you already sorted it out, but it’s caught you in its hook and you’re drowning in it.

It can be even harder when the person you love is upset as well; the ideal partnership is when you feel bad and they are there for you, but when you both feel bad at the same time, wow. There is no reprieve when it feels like you are both drowning together.

What is actually happening?

The whole of human consciousness is shifting right now and raising its vibration. When the vibration is raised, the bad stuff sifts out, and (hopefully) falls away. If you are sensitive to energies you will pick up on it, both the rise in vibration and, unfortunately the lower, negative vibrational energies. And to make sense of what you are feeling you interpret it all through your body, through your personal experiences. We understand how to work with the heavy stuff more than the lighter stuff so we go for that like a magnet and the problem right now is that the bad stuff you are picking up on resonates with your old stuff. “Oh no here we go again”.

This time it is different.

We need to work with the times instead of against them. No more going back with a trawl to dredge through your old issues to find out which stone was left uncovered, which part you have not dealt with. You must believe that you HAVE dealt with you own, old stuff (if indeed you have!).

If you have not done your work already, then now is the time. There is no escaping it –go for it with zeal and the knowledge that the work you do now will be so quick and easy compared to how things worked in the past. Get help if you need it, things can move too fast these days for us to be able to make sense of it alone.

Reassure yourself, and your partner if necessary, that you have done the work and that your body is just picking up on the resonance of the energies around you right now. Those energies resonate with abuse, depression, violence, pain, grief. And of course they do - look at the abuse that is going on around you in the world right now. But it is not yours. Breathe and let it go. You don’t have to go back and do the work again. I promise!

How to get through this:

It’s not always so easy to find the positive things in life. So if you are a couple drowning in negativity right now, hold onto each other and let it all flow through you. Or if you don’t have a special somebody, connect in with the beautiful Mother Earth and Father Sky by feeling your feet on the ground, your head open to the sky and ask to be held. Trust me, this works. Do it and see for yourself.

Make a list of good things in your life and let the old stuff go. Remind yourself of where you have been, what you have achieved and where you plan to go. If you can, make a list of goals for the future and streamline your energies into those, instead of into your pain and grief.
Take some time out to nurture yourself – make a cup of tea, read a delicious novel, go see a movie. Go for a walk and kick some leaves about, jump into a puddle. Call an old friend, bake a cake. Do something that you love, while breathing out the difficult emotions.

Take the day off the computer! Listening to other people can add to you confusion, picking up on their energies can exacerbate you own process, so switch off, and switch off the phone too. Send love to anyone who is pulling on you, either say it to them directly, or do it in your mind, and then shut down for the day.

We’re in a time of quickening, where everything happens faster and this is happening to many, many people. Remember, this is a huge time of change and it is vital for you to focus on the positive and let go of the fear.

Now go pour yourself a cup of tea and smile. You’re doing great!

Thursday 10 November 2011

Calling all Reiki Practitioners

Image by Tara Moorman
I was working on the Reiki stand with my RFI practitioner friends in the Mind Body Spirit show in the RDS when a distressed woman came up to me. She asked me if she could see me for Reiki, and I said "yes of course", as you would.

I brought her over to the chair and she stopped and rustled in her handbag looking for something. I waited patiently, but she took a long time and as well as wondering what she was doing, I noticed that her hands were shaking.

"Are you ok?" I asked? "I just had an aura photograph done" she said as she pulled out a document from her bag and started leafing through the pages "I was told that I was a twin in the womb, my twin died and he is still with me in my energy field - look" she handed me a blurry aura photograph that I couldn’t read, of course, as I'm not au fait with aura photography. "The man just took the image and he said I had to get Reiki straight away to get the twin removed".
I was shocked, disappointed and of course, sympathetic for this poor woman who was obviously shaken by her experience. I said to her "Reiki doesn’t do that - do you know what Reiki is?" She didn’t. And neither did the Aura photographer, apparently.

This is a big lead in to a simple point - communicating Reiki is so important, but before we can communicate we need to have an understanding of it. Pamela says - "I don't encourage my students to take Second degree. I'm happy to teach them if they practice First degree self-treatment every day for 3 months at the very least, but that's only if they feel a draw for it. I'd rather have someone practice First degree every day for life than become Second degree practitioners, feel overwhelmed, and stop practicing because Second degree practice is more complicated."

It's time to really take the time to look at what Reiki is to us. Not to be afraid to separate out the extra things we do - Aura Soma, Massage,  Angel Therapy, and fortune telling, and to say that we also offer them. That we can give a combined treatment with Reiki and Angel Therapy if our client so desires. So that more people like the Aura photographer learns about how beautiful and simple Reiki can be.

And if you are wondering what happened to the woman at the exhibition, I told her that she needed some time to come to terms with what she had been told, that I could help her with her predicament as I am a trained Shamanic Practitioner as well as a Reiki Practitioner. I suggested in my best counselling voice that perhaps she should sit down, have  a cup of tea, and let her energies settle before she decided to do anything else.

Friday 4 November 2011

Affirmation Meditation to Change your Vibration

As Above, So Below
For me, life is about being authentic; walking your talk, talking your walk. It’s so important to be true to yourself, to who you are. I have a client who proudly told me that she looks in the mirror every day and says “I love you” to herself. I asked her “but do you feel it?” She looked at her feet, and admitted that she didn’t. “It’s ok not to feel it,” I said, “but it’s not ok to pretend that you do”. She looked back up at me with interest.  I continued “Wouldn’t it be better to look at yourself in the mirror in the morning and say ‘Hey, I’m ok’, and really feel it, right deep inside you?”.  She smiled – she got it. As above, so below. What you say and do on the outside mirrors exactly how you feel on the inside. Authenticity.

So let’s work on this idea together.  I have put together a list of affirmations so you can find one that best suits where you are now with yourself. Try an affirmation from this list and see how it feels right down deep to your core, in your stomach. Is this one the right one for you? Does it feel right below, as well as above?  If not, try another one, and another, until you find one that fits. Feel it in your heart and notice how your energy changes. How the vibration of your body changes, when you say and feel these positive words.

The next part is to ask for any energy in your body that does not resonate with the words you have chosen, to leave your body now, as it is holding you back. Say it out loud “Please leave now”. Breathe in the energy of the words, say them again, and feel them deep inside the core of your being. Breathe out the energy of negativity, of self-doubt and fear. Anything that doesn’t match the certainty you feel that you are how you say you are. Feel the flow shift in your body as negativity leaves and flows down your legs, through your feet and into the ground.

Do this affirmation meditation for a few days and clear, clear, clear what doesn't belong. Become the energy of that. When you feel called, you can come back to this list and see if you can upgrade your affirmation to one that has a higher vibration to the one you chose the first time around. Then do it all again.


I honor and care about myself
I am a divine being worthy of love
I am ok with myself
I am good enough
I accept myself for who I am
I like myself
It's good to be me
I deserve to be happy
I deserve love
I am open to receive love
I am open to receive joy
I love being who I am
I love my life
I am grateful for everything in my life
I am happy and proud to be who I am

You can of course make up your own affirmation – I’d love to hear it, and I’d love to find out how you got after trying out this exercise. Please leave your comments here, under this note!

Remember you can work with me now long distance. Contact me on to find out more.

Friday 28 October 2011

Happy Hallowe'en

Hallowe'en in Ireland these past few years has gone all American - big, expensive fancy costumes, lots and lots of lights, spiders and webs, and houses decorated to the max. It wasn't like this when I was growing up, all we used to do was build and burn a bonfire, dip our faces into buckets of water to catch apples (hated doing that), eat brack and choke on the cheap ring wrapped in baking paper, paint our faces black and red and ask door to door to "Help the Hallowe'en Party". I always thought that was a political party! But it was an Irish tradition that has been replaced with the American "Trick or Treat".

For me Hallowe'en has always been a time when the veils between the worlds are at their thinnest. Another name for Hallowe'en is Samhain, and that translates as "the day of the dead". A Celtic festival honouring the passing of the souls of our ancestors, a time where it is believed that the spiritual and material worlds touch for a moment, a time of greater potential for magic.

The Celts believed that the normal laws of space and time were held during Samhain and a window or a portal opened which allowed the dead to cross the veils into the land of the living. So if you are feeling the need, do ask the universe for extra protection and feel the energies around you become more solid and stronger. In the old days, just in case there was confusion with the opening of the portal, Jack O'Lanterns were made to help guide any lost souls back home. In those days turnips were carved out and candles placed inside them, but I do think pumkins are a lot easier to work with than turnips!

Take some time this year to honour the dead, those you know and those you did not know in body. Honour yourself too, where you are on your journey of life, how far you have come, and recognise how much work it has taken to be here, now. If you want to do a small ceremony, you could create an alter, light a candle in honour of the dead, perhaps one for yourself or for your family. You could say a prayer for healing, ask for help with something that is troubling you or send love and light from your heart to the world to help raise the vibration of Mother Earth. And of course, you could follow the ceremony by eating something sweet!!

Tuesday 4 October 2011

Autumn 2011

It’s been a while since I wrote a blog entry and I discovered that when I don’t read, don’t meditate or don’t breathe mindfully, I become blocked and I’m not creative.

Only yesterday I started to do all of these things again, and something must have shifted because as I’m back here writing my blog again and I didn’t even plan it!

I think that what is going on in the world can get in between us and our hearts so easily. When this happens we stop living, and turn into survival mode. This is a natural thing to do – in order to survive, we must disconnect from our hearts and buckle down and do whatever it is we have to do. Learning: When I’m in survival mode, I forget to do the things that I love.

When we go into survival mode our bodies shut down and our minds take over. We do only what we think we need to do, we get tired, exhausted even, when this is ongoing we lose our zest for life. The smallest things annoy us, we forget to eat properly, we get caught up in what is on the news, comparing ourselves to other people and getting angry at the small things. We get trapped in a vicious cycle which gets smaller and smaller until it’s all that we see. Survival. Not living. Not growing – we were made to grow.

Autumn can do that to us – somewhere inside us is the primal animal that needs to store up all the food and prepare to go to sleep for several months. We pre-empt winter and some of us start sleeping a little early.
Seeing what we do is one thing but then changing it another - do we have to do it this way? Can we break out of survival mode and live? Even in the autumnal months?

I’m going to try it – I am making conscious decisions about how I want to think, how I want to relax, and how I spend my time. Instead of getting caught up in the energy around me which is heavy, sluggish, tired, exhausted; I am disconnecting from that and connecting into my inner wisdom.

If I need to I’ll write it all down and burn it. I’ll use a structure that someone else created until I can make it my own – a class, a guided meditation cd, a book with affirmations in it. I need to re-light that spark in my heart that allows me to grow and expand.

We can’t do the things we love if we are surviving. The time to live is now.

Saturday 27 August 2011

Laughter is the Best Medicine

It has been shown that laughter actually affects human physiology!

Laughter reduces pain by producing endorphins which act as pain killers and strenghtens our immunity. Endorphins also reduces cortisol (the stress hormone) and allows the body to return to a more relaxed state. Laugher allows us to change our perspective on life by making our problems seem smaller, if only for a few moments. It opens up creativity and allows us to overcome fear.

So it's healthy to bring more laughter into your life.
Here are some ideas as to how you can do this:

1.  Collect things that make you laugh - it could be a folder on your computer filled with cartoons, jokes, funny emails that really make you laugh, hang funny pictures on your wall where you will see them, keep a joke or two in your wallet to keep the mood light.

2. Do some of the things you used to love as a child - go to the park and go on a swing, go down the slide, go to the zoo or aquarium, go to a kids movie and eat lots of popcorn! The sky's the limit.

3. Lighten up your work environment - bring in a toy or stuffed animal you like, something that makes you smile when you look at it. (I have a mini darth-vader on my computer, and I've got lots of pictures of Stitch everywhere - he's a great energy to have around!)

4. Invite some friends over for a sleep-over party - keep it fun, pillow fights, eat junk food, stay up all night telling scary stories! Or have a "come as you are party" with one rule only - keep it funny. You'll all work off of each other and the energy will heal and energise all of you.

5. If you're in a stressful situation, step back from it and imagine if you were a character from your favourite tv comedy - what would they do? (How would Phoebe or Fraiser handle it?)

You do have a chioice. Invite laughter into your life, and see where it brings you - just for a change. See where it goes - does it help? Do you feel better? Does it take the "edge" off? And know, that even though it might feel silly at first, it actually does help reduce stress in your body and that in itself creates a better perspective and clarity to handle any situation.

Thursday 25 August 2011

Love Ourselves, Heal the World

We are in extraordinary times. Tonight a group of women came to my centre, and I was more than certain of what we needed to do. For the first time in a Reiki share, I had only one plinth set up, and we all concentrated the whole of the group's energies so we could have an intense healing for ourselves, and for each other.
As I set up the room this evening to get ready, I realised that it is truly the end of the summer. That the world has shifted, again, and that the energy is affecting all of us in one way or another. I have been under a dark cloud for the most part of a week, and nothing could shift it until I had the realisation that it was not mine. The energy of the earth is on the move, shifting and changing, bringing up the darker, heavy stuff. The old stuff. The original wounding. Why I was insisting on going back to work I had already done over the past five days was confusing to me but I got trapped in my old patterns, I was hooked like a fish who took the bait. Until today.
So I write this for you. If you have already done your deep shadow work, this is not your time to revisit and re-do. Go gently and easy on yourself and treat yourself well and know your work has been done, that it is the shifting of the energies of the great mother earth, and that we are being carried along for the ride. As you read this you know if this applies to you.
And if you have never done deep shadow work, then now is the time for you to look under the cracks, under the stones, the recesses, to let the skeletons out and to lift up that carpet and release the dustballs to the wind. You will know if this is you. You can get help, remember -you are not alone. People have done this before and are familiar with the stepping stones across the river. There are helping hands out there to guide you across and to the other side.
And for all of us, breathe. Talk about how you are feeling. Know that we are all changing, that we will get through this if we open to and hold ourselves in a space of love.

Love ourselves and the healing will happen. Love ourselves and we heal the world.

Tuesday 9 August 2011

Give a Gift Today

Times are tight - face it, we're watching every penny. It's not all bad, we are demanding better service, better quality and are learning about the feeling of gratitude (I'm so grateful I can pay my bills...).

There are gifts you can offer that don't cost you a cent, and they are gifts as much for yourself as for someone else. I thought I'd just take the opportunity to remind you of what they are.

1. The Gift of Listening: Really listening, not thinking about what you are going to say next, not jumping right in with your opinion. Being still, being fully present and listening. You might learn something!

2. The Gift of Affection: Give a hug, a kiss, hold someone's hand, and accept the affection coming back to you. Small actions demonstrate the love that you say you feel for something - don't tell me you love me, show me!

3. The Gift of Laughter: Share funny stories, find the happiness in a situation and bring joy wherever you go. Even if it is difficult at first, remember that a smile is catching. You can even sense a smile down the phone! It benefits you as well as the people around you and you will find a new lightness in yourself as the laughter releases heavy emotions.

4. The Gift of a Kind Word: Telling someone they look really well, that the food was tasty, or that they did great in something, can make a big difference to someone's day.

5. The Gift of a Favour: What you give out will come back to you ten fold, maybe not from where you expect it. So "Pay it Forward" and if you can, do something nice for someone and expect no direct reward. Just feeling the energy of kindness and love passing from you out into the universe is a reward in itself.

6. The Gift of Gratitude: Just spending time listing down all the things you are grateful for, and allowing the energy to come into your body can be a healing, cleansing experience. You can share this with someone else by listing the things about that person that you are grateful for - why not splash out and make a handmade card, and write it inside of it!

7. The Gift of Creativity: We all have a capacity to create, when we are surrounded by negativity this is one of the first things to become repressed. Promise yourself to clear out the negative thought patterns and allow yourself to create some new, positive ones that will lift your spirits up and the spirits of those around you.

I hope you find something here that motivates or inspires you to do something different today, to share a gift with a close friend, or to gift yourself something you have been missing. Remember, we are here, now, that is why it is called the present. Ok, maybe I'm not such a good comedian, but hey, if I was, you wouldn't be reading this!

Thursday 28 July 2011

What is Shamanic Reiki?

Shamanic Reiki is becoming a very popular treatment in my practice. I thought I would expand a little bit on what it is, without going deep into how it works! It is beautiful, gentle, deep and can be just what you need to move into the next stage of your life journey. And the amazing thing about it is that it travels well! You can avail of a Shamanic Reiki session with me, no matter where you are in the world. Click here to visit my website and find out more about Distance Healing.

Reiki is a beautiful way to relax and open your body, release emotional energy and feel rejuvenated and revitalised. Shamanic Energy Healing opens up the body and enables you to remove blockages that have built up over years of repressed emotion and negative thought patterns. By blending both together you have a powerful, yet gentle healing modality which transforms deep emotional pain.

There are many Shamanic techniques that can be incorporated into a Shamanic Reiki session. Within a Shamanic Reiki session you may experience cutting of ties, soul retrieval, power animal retrieval, ancestral healing, energy extraction, aura cleansing and more. All of these techniques wrapped in the gentle, nurturing healing Reiki energies allow for a deep healing experience.

You can relax on a plinth during the healing, fully clothed, just the same as for a Reiki Session. I place my hand on or over your body at certain energy points, where I am called to work. Sometimes I may need to use sound from a rattle, crystals, I may need to burn  sage or use high vibrational essences to embrace and deepen the healing work.

Most clients like to drift away surrounded in a gentle healing energy bubble, to be brought slowly back to their body, connecting with the earth when the healing is complete. If you like, you can actively take part in the healing, helping to shift your own blocks, release memories or past traumas. There is always time afterwards for discussion, grounding and sometimes homework may be given.

There is no need for talking during this work, I do not need to know your issues, or the stories. If you would like to share them with me however, I am a qualified psychotherapist and am available to talk. However the beauty of Shamanic Reiki is that the energy does all the work.

If you come to me for a Shamanic Reiki session, you will experience something unique and magical. No two sessions are the same. These are beautiful techniques that must be experienced to be believed!
Contact me to arrange a session on 0876593626 or email me on

Monday 25 July 2011

Who is Doing What to Whom??

There are many different ways of working with a problem once you can figure out what the problem is. Usually, the problem is about how you are reacting to something in your life that does not please you. For example, a client of mine told me that she no longer wanted to see her father because she felt that he was holding her back. I asked "How exactly is he holding you back?" and she started explaining it to me. As we unravelled the story it became clear that it wasn’t anything in particular that he was doing or saying that was holding her back, more so it was about how she was after seeing him. How what he said to her seeped into her veins and affected how she was, bringing back memories, back thoughts and back old energies so that the day after she would see her father, she would be agitated and then by the third day she was right back being openly angry at things she thought she was over. And she would then take it out on her daughter by losing her temper too quickly. She would then get angry at herself and feel like all the progress she had made with me in session was lost.

So I said to her "Let’s clarify the situation. Your dad is holding you back because three days after seeing him you are angry at things you thought you had already worked with?" and then she got it. "He isn’t holding me back is he? I am". At that moment the energy in the room changed, as it so often does when there is a shift in consciousness, with a breakthrough. She got it, only when the client sees this can something be done about it.
My client took it very well, she was glad because she also realised that she doesn't have to cut her father out of her life completely in order to move on. And instead of feeling she has to change something about him, which is next to impossible, she was glad that she can take control of her response to him through being aware of it and choosing to react in a different way. 

She decided that her solution was to take a break from her dad for a few weeks, to clear the energy around their relationship, so that she can be around him again and not react in a way that is damaging to her. By taking a break allows her to rebuild her boundaries without him in it, to clear the emotional energy around her old issues and to reaffirm that she has dealt with the old stuff and is ready for the new stuff. “Bring it on” she said with a wide grin.

The key is this - to be aware, every step of the way, of who is doing what to whom. Her dad was just being her dad, not doing anything different to anything he had ever done, at any time of his life. She was allowing the anger in, she was allowing it to build up and bring her down - therefore her reaction to seeing him was what was holding her back. Not him directly. Who will she be without this anger? Will she recognise herself? This is something for another day.

Friday 10 June 2011

Don't Give Up

Don't give up

you can hold the light, even if you feel alone.
those who see it will fly towards it when they are ready,
those who can't take the brightness,
will try to snuff it out.
don't despair

tend to your light,
keep it bright and strong.
fill the light with love, with hope, with dreams....
dance in your light,
grow, expand and know to
keep dancing no matter what.

trust that there are other lights,
together they dance in the darkness,
perhaps unaware of the others
dreaming and hoping for a brighter world

on a blog page like this one
many lonely lights come together,
regardless of geography, space and time.
we recognise each other, and smile a great relief
feel the grief and release it all and know
they we are not alone after all

We breathe in each other's spark
our lights strengthen and glow
for one more day

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Thursday 2 June 2011

Laws in Action

I've heard it said over and over again - you attract in what you put out. This is the Law of Attraction. An actual law, like the law of the land. You live in the land, you obey the rules or you go to jail (or pay a hefty fine!). We don't have to like it, but it exists. Like the Law of Gravity - what goes up must come down (a pretty obvious one this). How about the Law of Thermodynamics - this explains what happens in a container with water when you add heat. We might not have studied thermodynamics, but we have experienced water, with added heat in a container. And we know that the more heat we add, the more likely it is that the water will boil.

We might not have ever known how and why water boils, but we do know that it boils. And we boil water frequently, sometimes 4, 5 or 6 times in a day, depending on how many cups of tea or coffee we enjoy. So it is a Law in action, a law that appears in our daily life, even if we have no awareness of the physics of the energy behind it. And let's face it, how useful would it be to truly understand the physics of heat and water, if we're not scientists?

It follows to say that if the Law of Attraction is an actual law, like the Law of Thermodynamics, we don't have to actually know how or why it works, but to accept that it does exist, working away in the background. What if learning how to use this Law brings us more satisfaction than a cup of coffee ever could? Or even several cups of coffee? Would it be worth working with it directly in that case? Let's look at it in terms of energy and see if it makes any more sense.

To use this law we have to firstly accept that what we send out into the world, we get back, in an energetic way. So to simplify it a bit, we can say that the energy of happiness going out, results in the energy of happiness coming back. And I do believe that's true; you smile at someone, and the most natural thing for them to do is to smile right back to you. That also applies to anger - the energy of anger going out results in anger coming back. I think many of us have experienced this too. Anger breeds anger, being angry at someone makes them angry at you, also. So we're warming up with this.

So how else can we use this law, now that we are gathering proof? Does it work with material objects too? They're made of energy. If we give away something of value to someone, do we gain back something of value in return? Well, I can sift through my experiences of giving things away, but because there are so many experiences in between, it is difficult to directly correlate objects being gifted back to me specifically with an item that I gave away. This is where understanding the Law of Attraction gets a bit fuzzy. This is why people say "Naww that Law of Attraction, that's a load of ....."

I understand. But it is a defined, accepted Law. So what do you have to loose? I'd write more about it now but I'm going out to gift a cup of coffee to a friend. And I'm not waiting for something back in return, but I do know that something good will be winging its way to me because of that kindness.  Let me know if you want me to explore this subject further!

Wednesday 4 May 2011


My computer is very slow. V E R Y S L O W. I’m waiting and I’m waiting, the ideas are coming thick and fast but my computer has not even started up yet. I’m dawdling, I’m checking Facebook on my iPhone while my computer is still organising itself. And then it finally stretches and yawns and turns to me with a smile and says “Windows Update is now installing, 1 of 35, 2% complete”


I walk away. Breathe and calm down. Then I come back, go into Start> Programs> Windows Update. I switch off Windows Update (are you sure you want to do this? Oh yes). Then I get a flag in my taskbar with a big red X through it. You are a bold girl you switched off Windows Update. How could you? This computer will not run properly unless your updates are set to AUTOMATIC. We will not be responsible for the outcome if you leave your updates switched off. In fact, we cannot guarantee that a virus will not come in and destroy your machine if your Updates are off. (Not that they could guarantee it wouldn’t happen anyway).Now I am stuck having to look at this flag with a big red X through it now, as if I need reminding of how “bold” I am.

But something has freed itself up in my machine and it seems to respond better now. In fact, it’s stopped yawning at me and is sitting up straight, eyes wide open, saying proudly “Where would you like to go today?” Ah yes, the old way. When Operating Systems were not these clunky objects that take up half of the RAM of your machine and insist on filling the rest of the space with updates for Microsoft Silverlight (what is that anyway?) or some type of Networking Server thing (do I need this?). Of course, then there’s the vital Security Patch and the System Pack that, once installed, causes the printer driver to suddenly become unrecognisable to the computer and no longer can we print out anything. Anything at all. I once had to buy a new printer because I updated my Operating System.. but that is another story.

Ok. I can breathe a sigh of relief now that the Updates are switched off. But that still leaves the problem of the modem – it is even slower than the machine was with the Updates switched on. And every so often I get the message “there is a computer with the same IP address trying to use the same internet connection – what do I do?” and then it disconnects. How could there be two computers using the same modem? It’s a USB modem; it only has one USB connection, which is going into only one computer.  I give up.

Why am I writing all about computer stuff when I’m an energy healer and psychotherapist? I’m also human. I also use computers and I also, from time to time, lose patience with things. Mostly with my computer; but with my children too, with myself for forgetting things, with drivers on the road for changing their mind and changing lanes, or stopping suddenly. And I give out. I swear, I curse, like we all do when we lose patience with something. But I do not hold onto it. I let it go, practically immediately. So that I don’t go over conversations in my head again and again ( I should have said... I should have done... I should have....) I say OK, what’s the learning from this? And I take the learning, and throw away the rest. So that I don’t immerse myself in the energy of what it was that I didn’t enjoy, didn’t do or didn’t anticipate. But immerse myself in the learning, and forgive myself for making a mistake, or for being tired and having a short fuse. 

If we can let go of things in this way, we become less afraid to make mistakes, and then, perhaps, we can take more risks. We can go deeper in the work, go stronger out to sea, and closer to our destination. It might only be a little boat we are paddling, but there is a lot more room in that boat for forgiveness than for impatience, intolerance and “should have done”s.

Tuesday 19 April 2011

Making Time for Joy

Somebody just walked past my centre, he was hunched over in his determination to get to where he was going. He was holding a wooden frame, possibly a door frame, he must have been a carpenter going to a job. What I really noticed was how he did not look in front of himself; his eyes seemed to be completely focussed on the path in front of his feet. I’m wondering, if he was told he had 1 year left to live, would he be walking the same way?

Someone walked past the centre yesterday, crying. Crying and walking and not spending time with the tears, but practically running from them. My heart went out to her; it was as if she was running away from herself, from her pain. We seem to be always going somewhere else and never here, in this moment, where we are now. Forgetting the fundamental thing – we are not the emotion; we are only feeling the emotion. And it will pass, whether it is joy or pain. We are familiar with pain, with suffering, but less familiar with joy. We need to call it in sometimes to remember what it feels like.

I thought I’d write up a meditation here for you to try, to call in joy into your life. But you have to put aside some time to do it. Please add a comment below if you tried it and found it useful, or if you have something you would like to add. I do not profess to know all the answers. But I do know that if we don’t treasure the time that we have, we don’t value the most important thing that we have. And if we do not take the time out to feel joy, or pain, we cannot be fully present in our bodies and experiencing life to its fullest degree.

Meditation - Taking some time out to call joy into your life

Read these notes before you do this exercise so that you can do it uninterrupted.
  1. Find a quiet space where you will not be disturbed for as long as you are able to devote to this exercise.  Make sure your phone is off, you are sitting comfortably and that your feet are on the ground.
  2. Become aware of your body. Bring your thoughts right down and into your physical body. If it helps, you can start by feeling any tension you may be carrying. Take a few minutes to scan through your body from your head to your feet, feeling the tension and letting it go.
  3. Move your awareness into your heart. You can do this by making note of where your focus is on your body, and drop the focus down from your head, to your neck, to your chest, and into your heart.
  4. Imagine that you have a room in your heart where you hold your memories, regrets, celebrations, sadness and joy.
  5. Open the door to your room in your mind and step inside. Look around your room and acknowledge what sort of state it is in. Is it dark, dusty, cluttered? Is it bright and fresh, a joy to sit in? If you have trouble visualising, focus on your feelings – how does your heart feel – tight, locked up, clear, open?
  6. We are going to invite joy into your heart room. To do this, you have to make some space for it first. You might want to tidy up the place first, you can imagine you have a vacuum or a mop, see yourself cleaning the windows, dust the shelves so that you spruce up the place a little bit.
  7. Sit with your heart room now – does it feel any different inside there?
  8. You can do some emotional work if you wish - find something in the room that you might not have seen for a long time – an old teddy bear, a photograph, a piece of silk. Hold it in your hands. What does it remind you of? Who do you feel while you are holding it? Breathe in the feeling of love, of loss, of joy, of sadness. Breathe it out. You are not the feeling, it is in you and let it move through you. Place the object back down where you found it.
  9. Move to the window and open it. See the sunshine outside and let it warm your face. Get a sense of how you are in your room, standing there at the window, feeling the sunshine on your face.
  10. Say the following (or words to this effect) “ I am clearing a space in my heart to let in the joy. I am clearing space in my heart to let in light. I am allowing myself to feel joy and happiness in my life. I deserve to feel joy and happiness in my life.”
  11. Wait and see how your body is feeling now. Open your heart and wait for the joy to come in.
  12. Imagine a butterfly, or a bird, coming into your room. It is so beautiful; it hops or flutters around you and is full of the joy and the happiness you seek. It moves closer to you and rests on your shoulder, on your hand. As it flies about your heart room, it brings more light in and everything seems to become clearer, stronger, and brighter. Allow the sadness to melt away and open your heart as joy seeps in and brings a new colour, a new light and a new strength into your room.
  13. As it moves around the room, the bird/butterfly dissolves and its energy becomes part of the room. Feel your room reaching a higher vibration in its energy, in the strength of the colours in there.
  14. Feel the changes that you just made - allow the joy to penetrate your body, flood your chest and wash over you, smile with your eyes, with your mouth, invite it into your stomach and your legs, feel the joy tingling all around your body.
  15. Give thanks for the experience and know that you can come back again anytime and open your heart to joy. If you work with angels, you can give thanks to your angels and ask them to open your heart even more so that you can allow joy into your life more easily.
  16. Sit in this new energy for a few minutes and let it burn away any heavy energy that you no longer need to hold in your body. If you want to dance around in your heart room, do this with joy and happiness. Know now that there is magic here, waiting for you to connect with it.
  17. When you are ready, you can close the door of your heart room behind you.
  18. Become aware of your physical body, the sounds around you in the room where you are sitting, feel the chair or the floor beneath you and the earth beneath your feet
  19. Open your eyes

Thursday 31 March 2011

Grounding grounding grounding.....

It is the end of March already. Spring is in the air, the buds are coming out and tulips are opening in my garden. Life is not easy, but having the longer days and the flowers shining their heads towards the sun has helped put a “spring” in my step. But it does not mean that our problems are less, in fact, they actually are becoming magnified for some of us, and depending on our attitude towards them, they have the power to end our lives. Two people that I know are in hospital suffering from psychotic attacks, but worse still, 4 people have ended their lives in tragic circumstances.

I am thinking about all that is going on, you can see my post – what the heck is going on with all the energy – but that is not the end of this process, we are mid-shift. Lately, the clients that have been coming to me are displaying all sorts of terrible symptoms, but ultimately all they need is grounding. The work we end up doing is grounding, grounding, grounding. That is worth writing about here, in case it helps someone who is reading this.

 Why is grounding the answer? Because there has been such an influx of light to the planet since last December, those of us who are not grounded find it extremely difficult to contain it. And it doesn’t stop at the personal, but the cultural is affected as well. The tsunami in Japan, the new war in Libya, the rebellions in the Arab countries, are all connected to this influx of light. Extreme circumstances, but we battle with this every day in this present time.

To boil it down to simple terms, we are being asked to choose between love, or fear. Choosing love means that we draw our attention away from things that scare us, things that upset us or make us smaller than we are. We choose love and open our hearts, expand to the possibilities of life and release all materialistic needs. Those of us who are here, reading this, finding circles of people who resonate with our thoughts, are vibrating love, and holding space for the others who are still covered in blankets of darkness. We are finding new friendships in the most peculiar places, taking to strangers about abstract concepts and spiritual terms and we are surprisingly getting validation.

The world is going through a shift, through a rebirth. We are the lucky ones, we are still here, we are standing our ground. Holding space for others to shift and grow into the new expanded beings of light that we are becoming. If you find that life is getting top of you – get back on top of it. Remember this – in order to contain the light, we need to be rooted to the ground. Strongly rooted like the tallest of the tall trees, their roots delve deep into the bedrock of the Mother as they stretch their tall limbs up to the heavens. Become that tree.

Thursday 17 March 2011

Letter from Sandra Ingerman regarding Japan

March 16, 2011

Our hearts expand as we embrace the enormity of all the pain being suffered by the people and all living beings in Japan who have been impacted by the earthquake and the tsunami.

When we feel that our hearts are breaking as we watch levels of suffering in actuality our hearts are expanding allowing us to be stronger and deeper channels of love and light.

As a shamanic community we ask our helping spirits and the helping spirits of Japan to send healing and peace to those in need.

Let us journey deep within ourselves transcending our egos and experience the vastness of our spiritual light and love and transmitting radiance to Japan.

Move out of a place of pity for the suffering you see and focus on the strong spirit of the people, all of life, and the land itself. In this way you project strength which leads to a foundation of support for all in need.

Let us sing songs of love and healing to the earth, the waters of the world, the air, and to the element of fire. Go outside and sing!

The day the earthquake and tsunami occurred in Japan was when astrologically the planet Uranus moved into Aries marking the beginning of a cycle that will effect us for the next 84 years. The planet Uranus in astrology is seen as the planet of earthquakes and unexpected and sudden change.

We have already been seeing extreme environmental, political, and economic changes. And it does seem like a way of life on this planet continues to dissolve.

We have not been living in a harmonious fashion on this earth. And the elements of earth, water, air, and fire are mirroring back to us our extreme way of life.

As a collective we have been feeding the energy of change with how much discussion has been going on about big changes that will occur as we continue to move towards a new evolution of consciousness.

Think about how many millions of people have been reading books, listening to lectures, and having discussions about earth changes coming. Reflect on the energies you have been feeding. As a collective we have been feeding the energies of dissolution, discreation, and dismemberment.

It is time for us focus on what we have learned from our shamanic work:

Shamanism is a practice of direct revelation. We should all be strengthening our personal connections with our helping spirits so that we can ask for guidance of how we can help to alleviate pain and suffering as we experience such life changing events in our own lives and the world around us.

We need to strengthen our spiritual connections so that we can always be open to receive spiritual information when we need it.

Spend a lot of time in nature connecting with the elements and the heartbeat of the earth. Reflect on how you can live a shamanic way of life that embraces beauty, harmony, honor and respect for all of life. When we as a collective start to live a harmonious way of life we will see the elements around us reflect back a state of harmony.

Learn to read the omens that nature will continue to show to help guide you.

We must learn to honor the rite of passage and initiation that humankind is going through. We are experiencing levels of death on many levels. Shamanism teaches us that death is not an end but rather is a transition.

In the bible it says that without a vision the people will perish. Shamanism teaches us that we are the dreamers of our world. Part of living shamanism as a way of life is to be able to surrender to our deep spiritual wisdom and be the dreamers to help birth a new vision of a healthy way of life. We need to be able to hold a vision that the collective can move towards as the old is dismembered. Reflect on the vision you want to be projecting into the world right now and make changes to your vision to lead to a desired outcome.

Build up your spiritual muscles! You cannot be a shamanic practitioner without living a shamanic way of life.

Let us together hold the planet in love.

Remember that the media moves on after covering environmental, political, and economic events. People and all of life are still suffering the effects of the earthquake in Haiti and in New Zealand, the oil spill in the Gulf, the floods in Australia, the extreme weather in the U.S. - these are just to name a few.  People in the Middle East are still fighting for freedom.

All of life needs us to be a channel of light, love, and spiritual healing. We are one collective. We are not separate cultures, separate countries. We are going through an initiation together. Let us do our work and live our lives in a good way. That is how we can be in service to the whole.

Sandra Ingerman, Board Member, Society for Shamanic Practitioners
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Thursday 10 February 2011

Stand in your Power

Standing in your power - what does this mean? If you have heard the phrase before it may resonate with you but you might not have got the full understanding of it.
I am an Energy Healer and Psychotherapist, I get many clients who come to me distraught because they cannot stand in their power. They are afraid to take the leap down into the depths of themselves and find their true voice, their inner strength. They are afraid sometimes to even acknowledge they have dreams because knowing they exist would mean that they may have to do something to achieve them.
When you feel heavy with life, weighed down by it, that which is most familiar becomes comfortable, even if it hurts like hell over a period of time. It is “easier” to choose the warm bed, the miserable silence, over battling it out in the workplace to improve your situation, or fighting it out with you family. The thought of the struggle you would have with you own beliefs about yourself can lead you to unwanted behaviours such as excess alcohol, drugs or worse. But again, it is “easier” to go down that road, if less rewarding. The hardest thing to do is to ask for help, to admit you need help, to talk to someone and tell them what is going on for you. In doing that you may have to take all the pieces out and spread them on the table and it can be overwhelming looking at them all.....
So what is “your power”? Choosing to avoid looking at things takes power, but it is more powerful to own you voice, to recognise your dreams, to become hopeful, to move in a direction, to believe in yourself. Standing in your power is when you become aware of when your body tells you something is wrong, and to take action on it. It gives you a new respect for the people around you and enables you to see the good in everyone. Standing in your power - to be brave enough to say "I don't understand" or "I don't know how I feel about this yet" and to not feel like you have to fit in with the crowd. To be powerful enough to connect with a tree, with a bird, to smile at a stranger. To be able to walk strongly in your body, sure of your step but perhaps unsure of the final destination. Fulfilling yourself without needing somebody else to be a certain way. Becoming responsible for your own happiness. This is standing in your power.
From your place of power, you can embrace the concept that everything is supposed to be just the way it is, is for the highest good of all. You can ease into the idea that there is great learning to be had from difficult experiences, and then bear them all the better when they do happen because you know you will be stronger for it. In your place of power you are taking that leap in the knowing that the closer we are to standing in our own power, the closer we are to being our true selves, the more in alignment with Spirit we are, and we are loved, protected and held in that space.
It's not about being in a position of power, of having power over others. It's about knowing ourselves, knowing when there is something wrong doing something about it, even if it means asking for help. It means being responsible for our selves, knowing the difference between doing what is right and what is not. Shamanism is a wonderful way to connect in with your true self through the energy of all that is around us. It teaches ways that have been lost over time, bringing us closer to our true powerful selves. Shamanism was hidden for years in the west because of the empowerment it gave people. It's coming back into our lives now in a big way, as the culture embraces the idea of standing in a place of power, as we embrace life and the idea of a life's purpose. We will never know all the answers, but we can learn what makes us happy. We may never do all the things that are out there just waiting to be done, but if we can connect to ourselves and find out who we are, and live to that, what more is there to ask for?

I am teaching a workshop called "Introduction to Shamanic Healing" this February 26th in Ranelagh, Dublin. Contact me for more information,

Tuesday 1 February 2011

Imbolc - St Brigid's Day - The Pagan Festival of Lights

Celebrated on the 1st of February, the pagen feast of Imbolc is the festival of Spring, the coming of fertility back to the land. Another name for this day is Candlemas, the Christianised name for the holiday.

Imbolc means "in the belly" of Mother Earth. It is a time to remember that deep in the earth lie the dormant seeds of new life and creativity which will soon be making their way upwards and outwards. A time to celebrate renewal and rebirth, out of the darkness, comes the light. Candlemas has as part of its tradition, candle making and candle burning, bringing in more light.

St Brigid is also known as the Goddess of fire - a group of ninteen priestesses kept a perpetual flame burning in her honor. She was the patroness of smithcraft, poetry and healing, especially midwifery. There is debate as to whether St Brigid was also the Celtic Goddess Brid. The Cross of St Brigid seems to represent the sunshine, with rays of light coming from it, in shape of the arms of the Catholic Cross. Some people say she had two sisters, also called Brigid, so they could pass the blame from one to the other I'd imagine! Another name for Brigid is Bride, and a woman being married is a "bride" in her honour.

The Catholic church could not call Brigid a demon as she did many good works during her life so they made her into the patron saint of smithcraft, poetry and healing. The holiday of St Brigid is chielfy marked by kindling sacred fires, since she symbolises the fire of birth and healing, the fire of the forge and the fire of poetic inspiration.

A Candlemass tradition held by Witches to this day involves placing a lighted candle in each and every window of the house beginning at sundown and allowing them to continue burning until sunrise. If you like making candles, Candlemas Day is the day for doing it. Some witches covens hold candle-making parties and try to make and bless all the candles they’ll be using for the whole year on this day.

Other customs for this day include weaving “Brigit’s crosses” from straw or wheat to hang around the house for protection, performing rites of spiritual cleansing and purification, making “Brigit’s beds” to ensure fertility of mind and spirit (and body, if desired), and making “crowns of light” (i.e., of candles) for the high priestess to wear for the Candlemas Circle, similar to those worn on St. Lucy’s Day in Scandinavian countries.

Spend some time today acknowledging where you have been all winter. Recognise the seeds of creativity that lie in you, whether they have been dormant during the dark, cold days, or have been active in you. There is more to come. Give thanks to Mother Earth for holding us all so sweetly during the winter, and know that as the sunshine shines down just moments longer every day, there will be a re-birth of creativity, of life, of joy in all of us. Let's invite it in!

Saturday 22 January 2011

Our Energetic Signature

When we are born we come into this world vibrating at a certain frequency. It is our "energy signature". Our vibration is a measurement of the speed our energy flows around our body, the speed and direction of our chakras.. This relates to how fast we process ideas, emotions and situations... It is something that we cannot measure yet we know it exists. You can tell the difference between the days you wake up happy and excited about life, and those days where you just cannot seem to get out of bed. Our vibration changes depending on our moods, but overall we have a baseline vibration that sets the scene for who we make friends with, who we hang out with, how experiences shape us and how we deal with relationships. For example, when we go and learn new things, or have life experiences, our vibrations change. We spin at a higher or a slower rate depending on the size of the lesson we have learned, or how well we are coping with life. We notice how our environment vibrates when we do not match our surroundings anymore. We all discover at some point of our lives that people we used to feel comfortable with or have things in common with just don't understand what we are talking about, they don't "get us" anymore. We have "grown out of them", but in energetic terms it is because we spin at a different rate than they do, we process things at a different speed and we can see a different "bigger picture" to them. We leave them behind or we slow down. Slowing down doesn't feel good, and there are so many people out there afraid to step away from what no longer serves them and embrace their true spirit. Because doing this challenges our relationships, challenges where we choose to live, what we choose to do with our career... Once we achieve learning we expand, we change our vibration, and we cannot go back to the way things were. Nothing will ever be the same again.

It is incredibly difficult making lifestyle changes such as changing job, it can be heartbreaking breaking up with a partner and moving house can be the most stressful thing you experience in your life. If you feel like you are suffocating staying in the same place, you will have to make the changes or you will get sick. And once you make the changes, you attract in new people who match your vibration, a new career that stretches and challenges you, a new life that uplifts you and feels better than where you were.

Through my years experience as an energy healer I am finding that more and more people are becoming aware of their own vibrations. They are accepting and are willing to work with it instead of against it. They are finding new language, exploring new ways to enhance their lives, to increase their vibration, and are happy about it. I thought I would write about some ways that you can increase your vibration for you to try out yourselves, and if you do it with a body-awareness, you can see exactly how it affects you, feel how good or how strange it feels. And most of all, you can use these to learn new ways to look after yourself.

Asking for help: If you are feeling ill or low or sad most days, you can go to a vibrational healer. Vibrational healing works to clear through energetic blockages at all levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual - to rebalance a person energetically at all levels.

There are many, many forms of vibrational healing, such as:
  • Hands-on healing modalities like Reiki and Seichem
  • Flower and Vibrational Essences
  • Acupuncture and Acupressure
  • Reflexology
  • Shiatsu
  • Sound Healing
  • Colour Therapy
  • Crystal Healing

Again, some of these things will attract you, some will not be your thing. Explore with an open mind, and check in with yourself afterwards if you are not happy - was it the practitioner or the actual practice? Is it worth another try or did it really not work? Did it work and is it something you would do for yourself when you need to? Maybe write down in your diary every 3 or 4 months to go see someone in a healing capacity for a "boost" or a "recharge" and just do it! You will notice the difference in your energy levels and your attitude towards life.

Maintaining the vibration: Going to a healer is wonderful when we need some help, but if we do not maintain ourselves in our daily life, we can slow back down and drop to a lower level vibration without even realising it. It is ideal if you can incorporate some practices or rituals into your day so that you can spend time maintaining and caring for your energy signature.

Here are some powerful and fun ways you can increase your own vibration, anytime you have the space (or make the space) to do it:
  • Spend some time in nature connecting to trees, rivers, rocks, sky.... actually feeling an energetic connection rather than just walking quickly through a park
  • Meditating using chakra colours, breathing, mantras... connecting to the earth and to the sky... clearing your mind and focussing on positive instead of negative
  • Playing with animals and children, not thinking about "adult" issues but really stepping off the level of adult and stepping into your imagination
  • Letting go of emotional baggage - releasing it using fire ceremony, writing a note and burning it, breathing it into a rock and throwing it into a river... use your imagination here too!
  • Knowing that there is something bigger than all of us and surrendering to it - taking a step back from your level of importance in the world and knowing that everything happens for a reason. If you can do this - wonderful!!
  • Reclaiming your power - you can do this by using mantras ("I can do this" "I deserve happiness" "I can and I will") shout them out loud and feel your body resonate with them because you truly mean it.
  • Forgiving yourself and/or others - letting go of the pain that holds you back from your life is one of the things that has the biggest effect on your vibration.
  • Honouring and nurturing yourself - light candles, have a bath, go to the movies, meet a favourite friend, play your favourite music.... just discovering how to honour and nurture yourself can be great fun too.
  • Using an object to hold the energy of the space where you want to be (for example using jewellery, crystals or images as a reminder that you can be where you want to be, that goodness is out there in the world and it is waiting for you)

It is useful to look at what lowers a person's vibration so that you can stop or change your behaviour/the situation. You can lower your natural vibration if you become caught up in the following:
  • Holding onto old emotional hurts, such as resentment, bitterness, grief and sadness
  • Not forgiving yourself and/or others
  • Putting yourself down your list of priorities
  • Holding back from speaking your truth
  • Not addressing stresses and frustrations
  • Needing everything to be exactly right
  • Making judgements on others or on yourself
There are many more things we can add to both lists. But I hope at the end of this note you feel a little more in touch with what works for you and can incorporate some new joy into your life to help you raise your vibrational level.

If you would like to talk about how you can raise your vibration, you can organise a one to one Energy Healing session with me in Ranelagh, Dublin. Contact me through my website

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