Wednesday 29 December 2010

How to energetically burn away what no longer serves you

Today is the 29th of December and I woke up feeling - Yes. It is time to decide what to put in the fire. It is coming to the end of 2010 and it is a wonderful time to let go of the old, of what does not serve us, and embrace the new.

New Years resolutions are great, we say "Next year I will loose weight, I will be a nicer person, I will exercise more..." And we do. Until about mid-January or February! When we slip back into our old ways. So here's how to do it energetically. It lasts much longer, and we can do it again and again, we don't have to wait until the New Year to burn what we do not want to carry in our lives.

How to energetically burn what no longer serves you:

Focus in on something you no longer want in your energy body - it can be an emotion, it can be a behavioural pattern, it can be a stuck-ness. Feel how it feels to feel that - let it flood your body and lock into it. Really feel it strongly in yourself. Then, you can do either of these two things:

Place a stick right up to your lips and blow the feelings right out of your body and into the stick. Repeat it until you feel an energy shift.

Write it down on a piece of paper. Fold it up and blow the feelings right out of your body and into the paper. Repeat until you feel an energy shift.

You can burn the stick or the paper in a fire, preferably outside, and with it the energy you have extracted from your body will actually burn away. You can also light a candle, and burn the paper in it or in a tin bucket if you don't have access to an actual fire(this obviously won't work with the stick!).

While you are watching the paper/stick burn, it is time to invite in the new. Focus on what it is you would like instead of what you are letting go of. As the paper/stick burns, say to yourself "I am releasing xxxxx, which no longer serves me" And again blow out any remains of that feeling you have. Now say "I invite and welcome xxxxxx into my life"

So you could blow out anger and frustration into the stick, burn the stick, say "I am releasing my anger and frustration which no longer serves me. I invite and welcome love and joy into my life"

Try it out! And you can continue this process, long into the Springtime, with no fears of breaking any type of resolution at all. Nice! Have a wonderful New Year, wishing you all peace, love and joy for 2011.

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