Sunday 28 November 2010

Winter Reiki

I put out an offer on my Facebook Page yesterday. Wow.

I am still reeling from the number of people that have asked me for distance Reiki. For themselves, for their loved ones, for people they know who are in pain. Armed with a long list yesterday I was in class with Reiki 2 students, and we sent the distance healing Reiki symbols out into the ether, and I sent it out to my friends on Facebook! And today, again, I will do the same.

I am so heartened to see the uptake on my offer for distance healing. All of these responses coming from a trust in me to do the work, and a faith that Reiki does work. The latter being the most important piece in the puzzle for me. The need to believe in something in all of us is huge. But to know that what we do believe in does work is something magical. If we knew logically that Reiki worked, we would be working within limitations. The fact we do not understand it gives us a magical quality where anything seems possible.

This is just a small post of gratitude. To thank Spirit for this most beautiful Source Energy. To thank everyone who is connected to me, even if only in a small way. To thank everyone who is bringing Reiki closer to people everywhere.

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