Sunday 28 November 2010

Winter Reiki

I put out an offer on my Facebook Page yesterday. Wow.

I am still reeling from the number of people that have asked me for distance Reiki. For themselves, for their loved ones, for people they know who are in pain. Armed with a long list yesterday I was in class with Reiki 2 students, and we sent the distance healing Reiki symbols out into the ether, and I sent it out to my friends on Facebook! And today, again, I will do the same.

I am so heartened to see the uptake on my offer for distance healing. All of these responses coming from a trust in me to do the work, and a faith that Reiki does work. The latter being the most important piece in the puzzle for me. The need to believe in something in all of us is huge. But to know that what we do believe in does work is something magical. If we knew logically that Reiki worked, we would be working within limitations. The fact we do not understand it gives us a magical quality where anything seems possible.

This is just a small post of gratitude. To thank Spirit for this most beautiful Source Energy. To thank everyone who is connected to me, even if only in a small way. To thank everyone who is bringing Reiki closer to people everywhere.

Monday 22 November 2010

The Devil in the Choices

I love the movie "The Devil Wears Prada", not because I love chick flicks, or have a thing for Meryl Streep. Not because I am a fashion advocate or long to be up there in the world of fashion. No, I love it because it is a story about making choices, whether we realise we are doing it or not. For those of you that may not have seen it, Andrea (played by Anne Hathaway) is a lovely, kind and generous person. She is offered a job as assistant to a top fashion executive, and in trying to keep her boss happy, she stops having time for her friends, her family and starts spending money on clothes that cost more than the rent of her apartment so she could fit into her new world.  One day she is faced with a choice so large that it practically smacks her in the face and wakes her up. She realised that she was making little choices time and time again that lead her down a path, away from her friends and towards a person who was cold, heartless and soul-less, and she was on track to become that person herself. In putting her job first and herself last, she also chose to place her family and her boyfriend last. Of course Andrea makes the right choice, quits her job and follows her hearts true desire in the end, takes the leap and we all come out of the movie still quite liking her.

So why talk about a 2006 movie today? Well, we are in a time of "crisis" according to the media. Ireland is in severe financial trouble and has asked Europe and the International Monetary Fund for a loan, quite a substantial one at that. The UK is going to help too, and Sweden has offered a hand out as well. There is talk on all the radio stations and on the television about how terrible things are, how our children are going to bear the brunt of the government's stupidity, how we need a general election NOW. It would be easy to get carried away with all of that, just like Andrea got carried away.

There is no need to put ourselves last and the anger, fear and anxiety first. Whether we do or we don’t, we still have to get up in the morning and do whatever it is we have to do in our world, in our day. So we actually do have a choice, whether we realise it or not - do we lose ourselves in the anger, frustration and worry that the media seems to want us to join it in? (yes, Devil like behaviour if there was such a thing) or can we step back, breathe and thank Spirit for what we do have?

We have ourselves, we have a choice. We can sing when we wake up in the morning, instead of cry. (or be silently grateful for the new day, which is my usual choice!) We can become the creative people that we are and make presents for each other with whatever we can afford, and give them with love, rather than lament the material things that we cannot afford to get, or give, this Christmas. We can tell our children that this is the way things are, that they have a choice in it too, or we can tell them they are inheriting a debt that was forced upon them by an incompetent government and their life will be a miserable one as they work to pay it all back.

Andrea finally realises that her boss is “not happy unless everyone around her is panicked, nauseous or suicidal.” Can we make that realisation too about the media? It just feeds their need for doom and gloom. Let’s turn it all around ourselves by choosing positivity!

Monday 15 November 2010

"A belief is just a thought that you keep thinking." Abraham

A belief is just a thought. A thought that you keep thinking. And thinking, and thinking and thinking, and believing, and believing and thinking. What makes us choose which thoughts we keep thinking? And why do we always choose the difficult, self-deprecating thoughts to keep us company for most of the time? Thoughts such as: "I am not good enough", "I do not deserve to be happy", "Nothing good ever happens to me", “I should not have done that” “I regret....”, and so on and so on. My favourite Pretty Woman quote says “The bad stuff is easier to believe”. It’s the way were programmed. The problem with thinking bad things however, is that negative thoughts, repeated over and over turn into anger, frustration, confusion, disassociation with the self, and in the most extreme cases, self-loathing.

We are our thoughts. You hear this often enough but what does it really mean? Thoughts become linked with emotion and then the thoughts, as you keep thinking them, trigger the emotions in your body, and keep you in a cycle, thought = emotion = thought = emotion, so that the emotion spurs the negative thought and the negative thought spurs negative emotion. This is incredibly draining energetically, and ultimately affects you so that you vibrate what you have been thinking in your energy, and therefore, become it. So how do you break the cycle if you are not feeling good in it?

We have to firstly realise we are doing it, then we have to do something about it. Take a few minutes right now to ask yourself what are the most common thoughts you repeat in your mind, about your relationship with yourself. Write it down. You are doing this just for yourself, you can burn it afterwards. So be completely honest about it. You might be surprised at what comes out. And if nothing comes out, put that down too. It’s a start.

Now you have to look at your thoughts from a third party perspective. Step away from your stories and your emotions and look at the words in the cold light of day. Do you really believe these things about yourself? Are they actually true or are they an accumulation of other people’s opinions, needs and desires? Are these thoughts actually you? Do you want to be them? Have you outgrown them?

Ok – you can then scrap the whole lot, and write it all new but a huge change usually does not work so well, even with our best intentions. So instead, change one thing. Pick one of your thoughts, the one that feels like it is the most important one such as “I do not deserve to be happy”. Say it out loud. It feels familiar to you. Notice the emotions, the energy in your body, how it flows. Now what if you take out the “do not”. We all deserve happiness. You know this deep down is the truth. How does it feel to say “I deserve to be happy”? Try it. And Again. Different isn’t it? How does your energy flow now? Do you believe it? Step into the DO and say it again “I deserve to be happy”. Run it by your heart a few times, repeat it consciously. To own this, to make it a permanent change, ask your body to put out a warning light when your mind reverts back to the old “do not” thought. Ask for a rush of energy up your spine, a pain in your shoulder, a twitch in your finger – whatever works. Catch the negative thought and replace it with the positive, new thought, stay with it and let it transform your energy, until you feel ready to go back to what you were doing.

Change one of your thoughts, and the rest of them change slowly too. “ I deserve to be happy” might manage to convert “I am not good enough” into “ I might be good enough” into “heck yes I am good enough”... But going the whole way in one sitting is too much to ask. 

And when your thoughts change, your emotions change, and you change too. Bring the light in, step into your power. “I deserve to be happy”. Try it!

Tuesday 2 November 2010

Feeling alone vs Being alone

Feeling alone is very different to being alone, because we can BE alone, and yet feel connected to ourselves and to others. We can FEEL alone when in a crowd, even when in a relationship, because we are disconnected, because we cannot share our thoughts and feelings with someone we trust. Perhaps there isn’t anyone that we truly trust enough to open up to completely.
There are many reasons why we disconnect , these include loss of relationships, illness, a burden we carry such as a secret, or we are hurting from something that happened to us. It can be very difficult to open our hearts to the world and allow ourselves trust and love again.

When we feel alone we cope with it. Usually by escaping from it, working longer hours, watching movies, turning to food or alcohol. Some people rely on a pet or a hobby, or even self-help books. But feeling alone leaves a void that needs filling up, and this void becomes part of our identity the longer we live with it. We unknowingly isolate ourselves further from people as we move deeper into the void.

Feeling alone = empty and unfulfilled, feeling abandoned, increases stress levels, feeds on despair and self-doubt.

Being alone is a very different space to feeling alone.

When we are being alone, we can connect energetically with ourselves, with mother earth, with any helping, healing spirits that we work with either knowingly or unknowingly. It is a time of peace, of relaxation and an opportunity to tune into our higher selves.

Being alone = solitude, fulfilment through inspiration, freedom from distraction, nourishes our body, mind and spirit.

For all those of you out there who are feeling alone today, as hard as it might seem, know that you are not. It is a difficult struggle, it seems like you are in a pit of despair. But as you find yourself at or close to the bottom of the pit, you CAN climb up and out of it. It might feel like an impossible task, but there are many of us here with helping hands to guide you up and over the rocks and stones because we have been here before, and have survived.

How do you start? Be who you are. Say what you feel. Ask for help.
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