Saturday 30 October 2010

What the heck is going on with the energy?

Jennifer Hough was talking recently on Facebook about the way the energy is moving in the world today. She describes (and I quote her below) how humans are going through great changes at the moment, how we are deeply effected by these changes and how the most sensitive of us are suffering the most.

The fact that I stumbled across her conversation (on Sherryl's page A Woman's True Voice ) shows how like minded people are coming together to support each other too, another kickback from the energetic changes. So with grace and with gratitude I quote the essence of her conversation here.

Jennifer says:

"In these times of great change we are going through loops, hoops and shifts that to our personality and ego, don't feel very good.........but to our higher selves are completely in alignment. We must allow the old ways, the stuck patterns to come up and out in order to thrive. THE KEY IS TO NOT ENGAGE THE DRAMA.......let it come up, but do not give it a lot of energy. It is no longer like 20 years ago.....we don't have time to analyze.....and if we do it this way, then the joy and peace....or at least neutrallity can be present" 

"In fact......the more we are at peace with the 'not knowing' the more the Universe has space to deliver the unimagined.....If we try to know everything before it happens, then there is no room for the miraculous dance.....miracles by definition are not expected....or known by the mind before they happened......and your life is an unfolding miracle. Dance with what presents in front of you.....and it will start flowing....and it may not include open to it happening in ways unimagined....and dance"

Jennifer Hough

So. What do we actually do with this information? Release, release, release - energetic release so that we no longer vibrate with the old things, so that we can open, open, open and invite in the new. Release the old ways, the old thoughts, the old stories. Open to new possibilities, new joys, new love. It is time for a shift in our awareness, a new awakening. It is joyful to bring in the new, to not be connected to trauma, pain and heartache. To do this we do not have to deny that part of us that was born out of it, we honour the old stories, but they no longer serve us. To do this we have to embrace ourselves, to give permission to let in the joy, to let the love in, to feel that we do deserve it.

This is our life's work. To be able to stand proud and tall, in our own power and say YES to life. Say YES I deserve to be loved. And I will start by loving myself better. Here, now, today.

And if we want to smoke a cigarette, then let us do it with joy. If we want to eat a chocolate bar, or drink a glass or two of wine, do it with joy. And release the guilt around it. The more we are aware of our bodies, our energy, our selves, we will not do ourselves or others harm. Stop questioning, stop analysing and start connecting in to our inner selves, start allowing yourself to feel good, start to truly live.

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  1. Boy howdy, these are some changes!! A friend and I spoke yesterday about the time shift that occurred about 5:30 a.m. Seattle time ("Pacific" time). It was so significant, it woke me up! e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g felt d=i=f=f=e=r=e=n=t! Wooo...Time would slow way down, then pick back up... Did you feel it in Ireland?

    The personal energetic shifts seem to be hitting everyone here really hard for at least a couple of years now. All our old buried issues, traumas, lies, negative beliefs, all of it is surfacing, perhaps in response to the higher frequency energy. It's in our faces to be dealt with and cleared out completely. Thank goodness I discovered the shamanic techniques to clear this stuff out swiftly! Stopping myself from analyzing has been a lot like stopping a fish from swimming, however. If I just adjust myself back into the soft, happy love in my heart center, however, it's much easier to let the head stuff go. And having a large group of loving shamanic sisters is proving a powerful source of allies and support!

  2. I don't know if it hit me specifically in Ireland, All I know is that my body is changing and my moods are swinging at times. I'm mostly wanting to eat myself into oblivion! I agree with you, slipping into analysis is so tempting, so familiar but I have been stopping doing that, breathing and... don't laugh... doing exercises to reconnect with my body. Yoga stretches and crunches and pilates - makes me work off whatever energy is flooding me and I can breathe it out as well if I need to.
    I find I am needing this support from my shamanic sisters more than ever, and today, one of my shamanic teachers set up an online group to bring us all together - she must be feeling it too!

  3. Hi Abby, Jennifer, Leslie and others out in cyber space. I totally agree; the energies are super fast and pushing us to clear out whatever is stuck and holding us back. I find that whatever is not resonant in my body, personality or even in the environment around me (my washing machine, water pump etc.) must be cleared and/ or upgraded (can be costly) to handle the new flow. Sometimes this is really challenging and frustrating. I find it helps if I ask myself, 'Is this really about me or is there something way bigger going on? When I get upset; I constrict and things get even worse. When I relax and realize this is beyond me and about the larger changes on the planet...then the new energies can pass through me and the challenges seem to get resolved much more quickly and easily.
    Bravo to you, Abby, for so generously sharing the Reiki energy. best, Elaine

  4. This was wonderfully helpful Abby. Thank you So Much. ~ Blessings and Peace ~ Robin