Saturday 30 October 2010

What the heck is going on with the energy?

Jennifer Hough was talking recently on Facebook about the way the energy is moving in the world today. She describes (and I quote her below) how humans are going through great changes at the moment, how we are deeply effected by these changes and how the most sensitive of us are suffering the most.

The fact that I stumbled across her conversation (on Sherryl's page A Woman's True Voice ) shows how like minded people are coming together to support each other too, another kickback from the energetic changes. So with grace and with gratitude I quote the essence of her conversation here.

Jennifer says:

"In these times of great change we are going through loops, hoops and shifts that to our personality and ego, don't feel very good.........but to our higher selves are completely in alignment. We must allow the old ways, the stuck patterns to come up and out in order to thrive. THE KEY IS TO NOT ENGAGE THE DRAMA.......let it come up, but do not give it a lot of energy. It is no longer like 20 years ago.....we don't have time to analyze.....and if we do it this way, then the joy and peace....or at least neutrallity can be present" 

"In fact......the more we are at peace with the 'not knowing' the more the Universe has space to deliver the unimagined.....If we try to know everything before it happens, then there is no room for the miraculous dance.....miracles by definition are not expected....or known by the mind before they happened......and your life is an unfolding miracle. Dance with what presents in front of you.....and it will start flowing....and it may not include open to it happening in ways unimagined....and dance"

Jennifer Hough

So. What do we actually do with this information? Release, release, release - energetic release so that we no longer vibrate with the old things, so that we can open, open, open and invite in the new. Release the old ways, the old thoughts, the old stories. Open to new possibilities, new joys, new love. It is time for a shift in our awareness, a new awakening. It is joyful to bring in the new, to not be connected to trauma, pain and heartache. To do this we do not have to deny that part of us that was born out of it, we honour the old stories, but they no longer serve us. To do this we have to embrace ourselves, to give permission to let in the joy, to let the love in, to feel that we do deserve it.

This is our life's work. To be able to stand proud and tall, in our own power and say YES to life. Say YES I deserve to be loved. And I will start by loving myself better. Here, now, today.

And if we want to smoke a cigarette, then let us do it with joy. If we want to eat a chocolate bar, or drink a glass or two of wine, do it with joy. And release the guilt around it. The more we are aware of our bodies, our energy, our selves, we will not do ourselves or others harm. Stop questioning, stop analysing and start connecting in to our inner selves, start allowing yourself to feel good, start to truly live.

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Sunday 17 October 2010

A Moment Of Gratitude

After several long and important blog posts I have had writers block, possibly because I am trying to live up to the essence of what it was that I had already posted. To maintain the intensity, the strength of it. So as difficult as it might be, I am going to throw caution to the winds and just write a small posting today :-)

A posting of gratitude - for where I am today. Thank you all for being such wonderful friends and new connections. Thank you for extending me outwards to the four corners of the world, if the world was to have corners! Thank you so much for connecting in and sharing your pain, your lessons, your fears. I am grateful for all of it and for all that is yet to come.

So sit, have a cup of tea, put your feet up. We've all done great to get this far - it's time to rest and be grateful, and to give ourselves a pat on the back. Take a moment out and breathe. Smile. Rest and rejuvenate. Because there is lots done, but always lots more to do.

Sunday 10 October 2010

Connecting with your Inner Peace and Light

This beautiful meditation helps you connect to nature. Enjoy!

Begin by placing your hands on your abdomen and start to breathe slowly. It doesn’t matter if you breathe through your nose or mouth. What is important is that you take some deep breaths all the way down into your belly. Breathe comfortably for a few minutes, allowing your body to move into a deep and relaxed state.  Allow your troubles and thoughts to be taken away by your breath. Feel your troubles and thoughts being transformed into pure light.

As you continue to breathe slowly and deeply into your belly, think about a place in nature that you love. It is a place of great beauty or peace. It might be right where you live nearby, or a faraway place that you have travelled to. Experience yourself being in this place as fully as you can right now. Look around you and see all that there is to see. What are the colours, the plant life, the tree life, the animals, the birds, the fish? What does the sky look like? Are there clouds or is it clear? What are the sounds of nature around you? Does the wind make a sound or is it still and silent? Is there water nearby? Take a deep breath and take in the fragrance of the fresh, clean air. What else do you smell?

Feel your body sinking into the earth. The earth is holding you, supporting you, and loving you as it does each second of your life. Feel the air on your body. What is the temperature? Do you feel the sun above you feeding you with the energy of life as it does each day? Is there moisture in the air?

Remember the preciousness of life. Being here now is your peaceful time, a time away from the hustle and bustle of life. As you breathe, allow yourself to sink deeper into the comfort of mother earth, and feel connected to nature. You are connected to a web of life, you are part of nature, part of the universe. As you breathe deeply extend yourself outwards and feel the shimmer of the energy in this web as you reconnect to it. Let the energy from this web of life enter your body, let down the boundary of your skin and open up your heart and invite this beauty inside of you.

Breathe in and feel yourself fill up with unconditional love. Breathe out and let go of your tensions and anxieties, your loneliness and your pain. You are not alone, you are loved. Feel the light of your heart glowing stronger as you let in this beautiful energy, and as it glows your body begins to disappear into the earth, it melts away and there is no longer a body there just the pure, white light of your essence of being. You are a being of pure light. Feel the lightness of not having a body, the pulsating of the energy around you and inside you, the grid, the network to which you are connected. With your mind you can create thoughts that go out into the grid and touch others that are connected, try this now. Think about how good it feels to be loved, to be pure light, and send this joy out into the network of energy to go to where it is needed most.

Take a moment to ask if there are any messages for you, if there is anything you are neglecting, if there is anything that needs attention. Listen and trust what you hear at this time is what you need to hear right now. Give thanks, and remember what you have learnt. Make a commitment to take action if it is needed. Remember that this is who you are. This being of pure light.

Choose a symbol that comes to your mind, a sound you might hear, a feeling that you feel right now, and breathe it in. Draw in several breaths and be with this object, let it penetrate your light and fill you with new energy. Now slowly, visualise your internal organs materialising again, your bones, your blood vessels, your blood, your brain, your eyes, ears, nose, your skin. Embrace this body that is yours that gives you the ability to walk on this earth, to learn, to experience. The light might feel dimmer now but know that it is inside you at all times, inside everyone.

Place your hands on your heart and breathe, slowly allow yourself to come back into the room. And when you are ready, open your eyes and experience yourself as fully present. You might notice your energy is vibrating differently to the way it was when you began this exercise. Feel your body on the floor, on the pillow, on the bed. Feel your feet on the ground, and feel the earth beneath your feet.