Friday 27 August 2010

Not ready for Autum just yet

Today is coming closer to the last day of August. My children are getting ready to go back to school, buying shoes, schoolbags and books. I never enjoyed this time of year and I always tried to imagine September is still summertime. In Ireland you could almost get away with that for the last few years, the weather is still good, sometimes even better than it was in August. By habit, I don't want Autumn to come in yet, I'm not ready for it. Well, over previous years I have never been ready for it. Ready for the days getting shorter, less sunlight to draw life from, darkness to make us feel that we should hibernate. Never ready for the colder, wetter weather, finding jumpers that don't make us look twice the size we are, hiding from the lure of sweets and snacks that I "need" to "keep me going".... These just some of the many Autumtime stresses I usually fight against.

This time its different. I have my own business now, I am my own boss and I just did my books - I have had more clients this month than the last few months even though it might not have felt like it! I have two workshops coming up and I am giving a talk in October. And this month, I was elected onto the Reiki Federation of Ireland, as their Webdesigner and Editor. So I will be very busy doing what it is that I love to do. It can be a huge cause of stress, being somewhere you have to be, doing something you have to do, and not wanting to be there, doing it. I am blessed that I have found my calling and I thank Spirit for helping me by opening the doors both here on the Internet, and on the ground. I trust that the money will come, as it is needed (hope someone up there is listening to that!). And instead of imaging the negatives of Autumn, I will be listening for the footfall of clients as they approach my room for a session. Knowing that when they leave, they are more connected, more grounded, and have released some of their pain. That is such a reward, being there to hold their hands as they take another step on their journey. So my Autumn might not be so bad after all!

Thursday 19 August 2010

How to Work Energetically with Trees

When we are dealing with deep upset and unbalance, sometimes life feels just too big for us to handle ourselves. When there are no friends to talk to, talking to a tree can be a great help for grounding us.  I know it sounds all new-agey and tree-hugging-ish but there is method in my madness! Energetically, trees ARE bigger than us, and they can handle the big emotions when we cannot.
If you want to try this, it might be good to try it when you are not deeply upset. It means that you will be doing something you are already familiar with when you do need it. I have another method for "very deeply upset" which I will mention at the end of this post.
Go for a walk to find a big, old tree, one that has a very strong trunk and tall tall branches.  An Oak  tree or a Scots Pine are my favourite types of tree for this work. See if it feels comfortable to be near it.  Approach the tree, with your hands open and say hello. Now you don't have to say "hello" with your voice out loud, but you can do this with your energy, like Harry Potter when he learns how to cast spells with his mind. You can say things loudly with your mind and your intention, so say a big “Hello!” to the tree. Approach the tree and place your hands on its trunk, and ask it with your intention if you can work with it today.
You may feel a resounding yes, you might feel nothing. But if you feel anything negative at all, that’s a no, and please do trust your instinct on this. If you get a no, the tree might be damaged and not able to help you out today, so give thanks for the dialogue and go find another tree!
When you get a yes, say thanks to the tree and begin to work with it. How? Well, start from the ground. Imagine your energy is going to mix with the energy of the tree. Start at your feet and go down through the earth, connect into the root system of the tree and go deep deep down with the taproot. Imagine the soil, the stones, the bedrock, imagine going down further until you hit the deepest layers of the earth. When you are connected to the earth, track your body up from your feet, to your stomach, chest and neck, and then your head. Draw a chord of your energy out from your head and mix it with the energy of the tree - up up up into the sky with the tall branches, shoot it right out of your head. Just as the tree reaches up to the sun for light, you call in this light into your body, draw it down into you with the help of the tree, so you are now mixing the sun and the earth, and your energy has expanded.
Breathe that way for a while. It should feel different to how you were before you started. When you are ready, ask the tree if it will help you "dump" the emotional burden you are carrying into the earth, deep into the root system to be turned into something a little more useful for Mother Earth. (Mother Earth can transform the energy of our pain into energy of growth and nurturing for the plants and insects). With your breath, blow all your stress, anxiety, trauma through the energy chords you have generated downwards and into the earth. Ask the tree for help if you can’t do it yourself. You might get a little light-headed at this point so go gently with the blowing!
Once you are feeling better, when you are ready, draw in some more sunlight in through the top of your head. Stay like this for a while. What is great about this work is that you can do it all in a public place and people will just see you standing beside a tree with your hands on the tree trunk!.
When you feel able to, slowly untangle your energy body from the tree, disconnect completely from it (very important to make sure it’s a complete disentanglement) and once again, give thanks to the tree for holding you while you let go of whatever it was you had to let go of.
Now, some people might find working with trees an easy thing to do, others may have trouble and need to practice. If you feel this is something you would like to do and are having trouble with it, or you want to try it with me, you can contact me via Even if you are not based in Dublin, I would be happy to talk you through it on the email.
And for that "very very deeply upset" method, you can do this in your garden: Lie prostrate on the grass, facing downwards. Open your heart into the grass, and call to mother earth to help you, to take away all the pain you are carrying so that you can manage. She will. That's why she is here.

Monday 16 August 2010

The Mind of a Child

My eldest girl today wasn't feeling well. My 2 year old daughter went up to her and put
her hand on 'Megans head "to take the sick out".
So I told her to send "the sick" up to the sky and with great delight she threw her little fist up into the air and said "go into the sky, sick". We laughed. Children are such amazing natural healers. If adults could break through the barriers of being adults it would come so naturally to them, too.

Monday 9 August 2010

Meditation to Release Stress

You can do this meditation anywhere if you have a few minutes when you know you will not be interrupted. The more you do it, the easier it becomes.

Sit in a comfortable position, unfold your arms and legs and place your feet squarely on the floor. Become aware of the chair or the floor where you are sitting/lying and feel it supporting your body. Become aware of your breath, as you breathe out, release any tension in your body, feel your body relaxing from your head down to your feet. As you breathe in, imagine you are breathing in a soft pink light which fills you with peace and love.

When you are feeling secure and grounded, visualise a place in nature where you feel happy. It might be somewhere you have been already, or somewhere you have travelled to before in a meditation. Experience yourself there as fully as you can be at this moment. Look around you and see the colours, the textures, the life around you. Can you hear any noises? What are they? Can you see any animals moving? What does the sky look like? Is the air still and clear?

Take a deep breath. What can you smell? What other sensations are you experiencing right now? Can you feel the sunshine on your skin? As you breathe, give yourself permission to experience the peace and calm of being part of nature. Whatever troubles you might have on your mind, held in your body, release them into the scenery. Let the grass take your problems for a while, let the sea carry them for you, just for the next few minutes. Relax more into your body as the stress and strain trickles away from your body at this moment.

Feel your connection to the earth, as you breathe, feel a strong, solid energy beneath you holding you, nurturing and caring for you. As you breathe out feel this connection grow stronger, a beautiful sensation of warmth filling your body from the earth, and you can send stress or anxiety through this connection directly into the ground, releasing it from your body.

As you relax further, feel your own personal sun just above your head. With your breath, draw down a shaft of light from this sun and feel it connecting to the top of your head. Breathe down golden light energy and feel it trickle down your face, your neck, chest and shoulders, cleansing you of any remaining tension. Draw this beautiful light energy down your body, down your abdomen, stomach, hips, thighs and down your legs, past your knees to your ankles and over your feet, like a golden sheath. with each in-breath, feel the golden energy trickling down and over your body, and with each out breath, feel the stress and tension leave your body. Feel the energy of earth and sky mixing in you as it cleanses and purifies you.

With your breath, allow yourself to come back into the room that you are lying or sitting in. Come back with the memory of peacefulness, with the knowledge that you do not have to hold the stress in your body any longer. Hold in your body this experience and know that you can come back to this place whenever you need to. When you are ready, take your time, feel your feet, your hands, stretch and move about a little bit, then you can open your eyes. Become aware of the sounds in the room you are in, of the light, the colours and the objects around you. Welcome back home!