Sunday 23 May 2010

Take a Trip Down The Road Less Travelled

It used to be that the majority of people would go through life unaware. Asleep. It was more of an existence than a life well lived. Phrases like "the rat race", "nose to the grindstone" were descriptors of the working week and expectations were low. "Thank God it's Friday" also used a lot, and the weekend a time to get mindlessly drunk, overeat, watch movies and generally escape and burn off frustration built up over the grinding week.
Times are changing. You could say, this type of lifestyle couldn't go on for too long anyway, but it has done. So what is snapping people out of their sleep-like trance with life? In my opinion I imagine that sharing our experiences on a more intimate level is a big cause of this shift in consciousness. The Internet is a great way to express oneself, as I am expressing myself to you, on this blog. Facebook, Twitter etc are bringing people together with common interests who may never have otherwise met. And a thirst for knowledge. People, once they see there is more to life, want to know what the more is. It's like spreading gossip, only in a good way. Reiki, for example, is now acceptable in some hospitals in the States, for both Staff and patients. More and more people here in Ireland are going to counselling and psychotherapy, whether to save a relationship or to improve their relationship with life. Things are opening up now and people are coming out of hiding. Like the abuse victims. It's because one person has the courage to speak out, it inspires the next one, and the next one. Suddenly everybody is talking. It is so wonderful to see people who want to heal themselves and to heal others too.
Some of us have been on this healing journey, famously called the road less travelled in a poem by Robert Frost, for a while now. Some people for so long perhaps they feel that it's over, their work is done. But the work is never done as long as we are here to tell the tale. Some of us are just beginning to wake up, and it is overwhelming once our eyes open, to take in all the new possibilities that nature has to offer. And some of us are still sleeping and possibly fighting against the waking (and getting sick from it). Some people possibly will never wake.
If you take one thing from this post today I hope it is this: we are all on our own journey. No one journey is the same and we cannot presume to fully understand anyone else’s' but our own. Understanding our own journey is a life's work in itself. So I imagine the road less travelled, also called the road towards enlightenment, becoming busier as more people begin to wake up. It's a beautiful thing, and even more beautiful is the thought that those of us on the road already can lend a helping hand to those of us just beginning.
Open your heart next time you see someone who irritates or angers you and let the anger dissolve. This person may not have yet woken, or may be struggling with a thorny bush or a slippery stream on their journey. Together we can heal each other. Together we can heal the world.


  1. This is a really good perspective on consciousness and interpersonal relationships.  Taking the advice of the last paragraph releases me from the struggle.  Thanks, Abby~Jan

  2. Abby, I enjoyed reading this post so much as the thoughts therein are thoughts I often have.  I especially agree with your last paragraph
    'open your heart next time you see someone who irritates or angers you and let the anger dissolve.  This person may not have yet woken, or may be struggling on their journey'.  Yesterday, I had two experiences of people who affected me but I took a deep breath and responded in a positive way. One was a stranger in a checkout queue.  I was behind her and I had two items while she had a huge trolley full.  She looked at me and for no reason said that just because I had only two items, didn't mean she had to let me go in front of her, just because that's what was expected. I admit it had crossed my mind because that is what I would do but then I let that thought go because not everyone is the same. In the past I would have got annoyed with her and said something negative back to her but instead, I asked her if she wanted help unloading her trolley.  She was taken aback but allowed me to help.  She got through checkout quicker and so did I!  And she was smiling when she left!   

  3. Good for you, Claire!

  4. I had a dream a few years ago, and in the dream I woke up, but remained physically asleep in my bed. All around me others remained asleep. And something seemed to say, oh my goodness, there's one that's awake - that's not supposed to happen, what now? These days more and more people are having these type of experiences, and paying attention to them.