Tuesday 9 March 2010

Seeing with your heart

Somebody wrote "It will become visible to you when you can see it."  See what? We see too much these days, children play vicious computer games and kill kill kill, we see violence on the streets and we don’t help anymore, we see pictures of children dying in Africa and we don’t jump in to rescue them.  Seeing has to become numb because we cannot act on everything. But it is then almost as if we have forgotten how to open our hearts, to see through our hearts.  It is not something we can do all the time, 24 hours a day, because seeing with our heart can make us vulnerable. But it can also make us more human. It also helps us see inside to our own heart, to love ourselves. This seeing with our heart, opens our eyes, and we can once again be part of the journey of life. So for those of you who doubt, hear this:
"He who fears must love over his fearing, for love be the sun that dispels that shadow." - Patience Worth

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