Wednesday 17 February 2010

Paying interest to trouble

I tend to write things down when I hear them if they resonate with me. I collect these sayings in the notes feature on my phone, and go back to them when I have time to pick them apart.

Recently in a movie, I heard someone say "worry is interest paid on trouble that hasn't happened yet". I liked that, and noticed, as I wrote it in that another quote I had collected recently was very similar. It said "our greatist fears come in anticipation"

It resonates with me right now as I feel like I am in a transition, between where I am and where I want to be. And thinking about all the things that could go wrong had been causing me anxiety. It's the same as the quote - the idea of spending my energy on trouble that hasnt happened yet, causing worry. Interest is something I pay to a bank with much reluctance, so why should I pay it to trouble? Anxiety comes from fear of something that hasn't happened yet.. It may be based on past experience, but, again, its anticipating trouble, that hasnt yet happened.

Before I read the quotes I realised what it was that I was doing and I stopped doing it. I felt a relief, and after a while, the worry and anxiety subsided .Finding the quotes validated the work for me. I would much rather spend my energy on something positive - like making plans for the future instead of worrying about them. Bleeding energy into worry takes away from what we have to work with. Its time to change our attitude and reclaim our energy.

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  1. He who fears what he my suffer already suffers what he fears