Wednesday 29 December 2010

How to energetically burn away what no longer serves you

Today is the 29th of December and I woke up feeling - Yes. It is time to decide what to put in the fire. It is coming to the end of 2010 and it is a wonderful time to let go of the old, of what does not serve us, and embrace the new.

New Years resolutions are great, we say "Next year I will loose weight, I will be a nicer person, I will exercise more..." And we do. Until about mid-January or February! When we slip back into our old ways. So here's how to do it energetically. It lasts much longer, and we can do it again and again, we don't have to wait until the New Year to burn what we do not want to carry in our lives.

How to energetically burn what no longer serves you:

Focus in on something you no longer want in your energy body - it can be an emotion, it can be a behavioural pattern, it can be a stuck-ness. Feel how it feels to feel that - let it flood your body and lock into it. Really feel it strongly in yourself. Then, you can do either of these two things:

Place a stick right up to your lips and blow the feelings right out of your body and into the stick. Repeat it until you feel an energy shift.

Write it down on a piece of paper. Fold it up and blow the feelings right out of your body and into the paper. Repeat until you feel an energy shift.

You can burn the stick or the paper in a fire, preferably outside, and with it the energy you have extracted from your body will actually burn away. You can also light a candle, and burn the paper in it or in a tin bucket if you don't have access to an actual fire(this obviously won't work with the stick!).

While you are watching the paper/stick burn, it is time to invite in the new. Focus on what it is you would like instead of what you are letting go of. As the paper/stick burns, say to yourself "I am releasing xxxxx, which no longer serves me" And again blow out any remains of that feeling you have. Now say "I invite and welcome xxxxxx into my life"

So you could blow out anger and frustration into the stick, burn the stick, say "I am releasing my anger and frustration which no longer serves me. I invite and welcome love and joy into my life"

Try it out! And you can continue this process, long into the Springtime, with no fears of breaking any type of resolution at all. Nice! Have a wonderful New Year, wishing you all peace, love and joy for 2011.

Sunday 19 December 2010

Christmas Cheer or Christmas Fear?

There are only six sleeps until Christmas.....

I have been quite busy in the rush up to Christmas. I have had two brand new clients book me for next week and several of my regular clients have made bookings which will keep me working right up to Christmas eve. I know some of them are stressed out about shopping and cooking, some are stressed about buying presents or meeting their in-laws. Some are stressed because of drinking too much at a work party and saying/doing something they completely regret. Some are stressed because their loved ones have passed away at this time of year and the memories come back to haunt them. And some of them are panicked because they are going home to see their parents, brothers and sisters, and that brings up huge trauma for them.

What a strange time of year. A time of celebration and love turns into a time of stress, trauma and panic. Not just for some, but for many people.

I have come to discover that the majority of the issues that people panic over are about being judged by someone else. I truly understand that if you are bereaved during a Christmas time, there isn't much you can do about it only bear with it, feel the pain, honour it and your loved one and let it go as best you can. But the judgement thing you can work with. Most certainly you can work with that.

By placing a value on somebody else's judgement of you, makes their judgement powerful. If that person has constantly judged you all your life, based on your clothes, your hair, your job, what you say, how you walk, what you eat.... the thought of being around them takes your personal power away before you even begin.

But who gives them the power to do that to you? You might not like this answer. You do. You made a choice somewhere down the line, that this person was important, and what they say or think is important. And we have a natural tendency to look for approval, so that sometimes it feels like this person's ideas are more important than yours. So when they say something bad about you, you believe it. And feel bad. And get stressed.

Yes we do not choose our family, we choose our friends. But sometimes we have no choice but to be surrounded by family, by all types and all flavours of personalities. Some we get along with, some we cannot bear to be around. Particularly at this time of year, being with family can be a huge source of stress. So if it helps at all, realise that you do not need to make the choice to value other people's judgements of you. You do not have to accept it deep in your heart, and wear the badge of hurt. Consciously ask yourself "Am I walking blind and accepting someone else's judgement of me right now?" You can say "I choose to discard this judgement of me as it is unhelpful and hurtful."

To be able to filter out the judgements that you receive, you have to know your own heart. You have to be able to recognise when a judgement is coming at you, and where it is coming from. Perhaps an understanding behind the person making the judgement would help, or an understanding as to why you had been willing in the past to accept what this person says as the truth.

Once you know your heart, nothing that anyone else says about you matters that much anymore. If you find yourself stressed this Christmas, give yourself the best present of all. Pledge to yourself that you will get to know yourself that little bit better this coming year. That you will connect into your inner wisdom, connect into your own heart. Learn more about who you REALLY are. So that you can BE who you really are. And that is the key to letting joy and light in. Nobody can take that away from you. Not even a judgemental family.

Blessings for a warm, safe, and joy-filled Christmas break.

Sunday 5 December 2010

Time to Open our Vocabulary

This is day 8 of the snow in Ireland. We are not used to it, not one bit! In fact it has never snowed this side of Christmas for 17 years, and never recorded as being this cold since records began.

I heard once that the Eskimos have one hundred words for snow, and today the snow outside is definitly different than it was yesterday. I would describe it as a light, powdered snow that started melting and then was suddenly frozen, with a layer of crisp ice on top. So I looked up the Eskimo words to see if there was one word that I could use instead of 20, and I found this list. I particularly like number 7 and number 10, as they have one word that describes something that we would take several words to do.

1) Snowflake
qanuk 'snowflake'
qanir- 'to snow'
qanunge- 'to snow' [NUN]
qanugglir- 'to snow' [NUN]

(2) Frost
kaneq 'frost'
kaner- 'be frosty/frost sth.'

(3) Fine snow/rain particles
kanevvluk 'fine snow/rain particles
kanevcir- to get fine snow/rain particles

(4) Drifting particles
natquik 'drifting snow/etc'
natqu(v)igte- 'for snow/etc. to drift along ground'

(5) Clinging particles
nevluk 'clinging debris/
nevlugte- 'have clinging debris/...'lint/snow/dirt...'

(6) Fallen snow on the ground
aniu [NS] 'snow on ground'
aniu- [NS] 'get snow on ground'
apun [NS] 'snow on ground'
qanikcaq 'snow on ground'
qanikcir- 'get snow on ground'

(7) Soft, deep fallen snow on the ground
muruaneq 'soft deep snow'

(8) Crust on fallen snow
qetrar- [NSU] 'for snow to crust'
qerretrar- [NSU] 'for snow to crust'

(9) Fresh fallen snow on the ground
nutaryuk 'fresh snow' [HBC]

(10) Fallen snow floating on water
qanisqineq 'snow floating on water'

(11) Snow bank
qengaruk 'snow bank' [Y, HBC]

(12) Snow block
utvak 'snow carved in block'

(13) Snow cornice
navcaq [NSU] 'snow cornice, snow (formation) about to collapse'
navcite- 'get caught in an avalanche'

(14) Blizzard, snowstorm
pirta 'blizzard, snowstorm'
pircir- 'to blizzard'
pirtuk 'blizzard, snowstorm'

(15) Severe blizzard
cellallir-, cellarrlir- 'to snow heavily'
pir(e)t(e)pag- 'to blizzard severely'
pirrelvag- 'to blizzard severely'

So to describe the snow today outside my door I guess muraneq with qetrar (soft, deep fallen snow with a crust on top) although I am sure that my grammer leaves a lot to be desired.

Whats the point of all this you ask? Here goes - the observation bit.

When you wake up in the morning and someone asks you how you are what do you say? I'm ok, I'm good, I'm depressed... in fact just sticking with depressed, how many different moods are there within depressed that could be compared to the many different types of snow? Are you in a thick, heavy, black depressed mood, or are you feeling only slightly grey? I'm not being facetious here. In Ireland we have 500 cases of suicide a year and the majority of such deaths come from people who have depression. It is much more familiar than snow to us. And when we are depressed, do we feel like talking about it? Do we want to string together 20 or so words so that the person who is asking can get a real sense of what it is we are feeling? Or do we even have the energy to do that? So why no words for it?

I could go on about the lack of words for what type of happiness we may be feeling (to lighten the mood) or what type of anger. But I won't. It is time to open up the vocabulary that we have and come up with words or terms for things that DO exist. Things like depression which people have been hiding under the carpet. Hey folks, it's here, it's real and it's killing the nation. And yes, things like happiness too. But the reason why I feel that is not so urgent is because with happiness comes light, and with light comes energy, and with energy comes the ability, the desire, the motivation to share and to explain.

If someone felt heard by someone else, the urge to end it all might be alleviated for just a few hours longer. And if they felt heard and seen by someone else on a regular basis, perhaps the symptoms might alleviate a little bit. Just enough so that one morning, they wake up with a glimmer of a smile on their face, and a tiny bit of hope for the day.

Sunday 28 November 2010

Winter Reiki

I put out an offer on my Facebook Page yesterday. Wow.

I am still reeling from the number of people that have asked me for distance Reiki. For themselves, for their loved ones, for people they know who are in pain. Armed with a long list yesterday I was in class with Reiki 2 students, and we sent the distance healing Reiki symbols out into the ether, and I sent it out to my friends on Facebook! And today, again, I will do the same.

I am so heartened to see the uptake on my offer for distance healing. All of these responses coming from a trust in me to do the work, and a faith that Reiki does work. The latter being the most important piece in the puzzle for me. The need to believe in something in all of us is huge. But to know that what we do believe in does work is something magical. If we knew logically that Reiki worked, we would be working within limitations. The fact we do not understand it gives us a magical quality where anything seems possible.

This is just a small post of gratitude. To thank Spirit for this most beautiful Source Energy. To thank everyone who is connected to me, even if only in a small way. To thank everyone who is bringing Reiki closer to people everywhere.

Monday 22 November 2010

The Devil in the Choices

I love the movie "The Devil Wears Prada", not because I love chick flicks, or have a thing for Meryl Streep. Not because I am a fashion advocate or long to be up there in the world of fashion. No, I love it because it is a story about making choices, whether we realise we are doing it or not. For those of you that may not have seen it, Andrea (played by Anne Hathaway) is a lovely, kind and generous person. She is offered a job as assistant to a top fashion executive, and in trying to keep her boss happy, she stops having time for her friends, her family and starts spending money on clothes that cost more than the rent of her apartment so she could fit into her new world.  One day she is faced with a choice so large that it practically smacks her in the face and wakes her up. She realised that she was making little choices time and time again that lead her down a path, away from her friends and towards a person who was cold, heartless and soul-less, and she was on track to become that person herself. In putting her job first and herself last, she also chose to place her family and her boyfriend last. Of course Andrea makes the right choice, quits her job and follows her hearts true desire in the end, takes the leap and we all come out of the movie still quite liking her.

So why talk about a 2006 movie today? Well, we are in a time of "crisis" according to the media. Ireland is in severe financial trouble and has asked Europe and the International Monetary Fund for a loan, quite a substantial one at that. The UK is going to help too, and Sweden has offered a hand out as well. There is talk on all the radio stations and on the television about how terrible things are, how our children are going to bear the brunt of the government's stupidity, how we need a general election NOW. It would be easy to get carried away with all of that, just like Andrea got carried away.

There is no need to put ourselves last and the anger, fear and anxiety first. Whether we do or we don’t, we still have to get up in the morning and do whatever it is we have to do in our world, in our day. So we actually do have a choice, whether we realise it or not - do we lose ourselves in the anger, frustration and worry that the media seems to want us to join it in? (yes, Devil like behaviour if there was such a thing) or can we step back, breathe and thank Spirit for what we do have?

We have ourselves, we have a choice. We can sing when we wake up in the morning, instead of cry. (or be silently grateful for the new day, which is my usual choice!) We can become the creative people that we are and make presents for each other with whatever we can afford, and give them with love, rather than lament the material things that we cannot afford to get, or give, this Christmas. We can tell our children that this is the way things are, that they have a choice in it too, or we can tell them they are inheriting a debt that was forced upon them by an incompetent government and their life will be a miserable one as they work to pay it all back.

Andrea finally realises that her boss is “not happy unless everyone around her is panicked, nauseous or suicidal.” Can we make that realisation too about the media? It just feeds their need for doom and gloom. Let’s turn it all around ourselves by choosing positivity!

Monday 15 November 2010

"A belief is just a thought that you keep thinking." Abraham

A belief is just a thought. A thought that you keep thinking. And thinking, and thinking and thinking, and believing, and believing and thinking. What makes us choose which thoughts we keep thinking? And why do we always choose the difficult, self-deprecating thoughts to keep us company for most of the time? Thoughts such as: "I am not good enough", "I do not deserve to be happy", "Nothing good ever happens to me", “I should not have done that” “I regret....”, and so on and so on. My favourite Pretty Woman quote says “The bad stuff is easier to believe”. It’s the way were programmed. The problem with thinking bad things however, is that negative thoughts, repeated over and over turn into anger, frustration, confusion, disassociation with the self, and in the most extreme cases, self-loathing.

We are our thoughts. You hear this often enough but what does it really mean? Thoughts become linked with emotion and then the thoughts, as you keep thinking them, trigger the emotions in your body, and keep you in a cycle, thought = emotion = thought = emotion, so that the emotion spurs the negative thought and the negative thought spurs negative emotion. This is incredibly draining energetically, and ultimately affects you so that you vibrate what you have been thinking in your energy, and therefore, become it. So how do you break the cycle if you are not feeling good in it?

We have to firstly realise we are doing it, then we have to do something about it. Take a few minutes right now to ask yourself what are the most common thoughts you repeat in your mind, about your relationship with yourself. Write it down. You are doing this just for yourself, you can burn it afterwards. So be completely honest about it. You might be surprised at what comes out. And if nothing comes out, put that down too. It’s a start.

Now you have to look at your thoughts from a third party perspective. Step away from your stories and your emotions and look at the words in the cold light of day. Do you really believe these things about yourself? Are they actually true or are they an accumulation of other people’s opinions, needs and desires? Are these thoughts actually you? Do you want to be them? Have you outgrown them?

Ok – you can then scrap the whole lot, and write it all new but a huge change usually does not work so well, even with our best intentions. So instead, change one thing. Pick one of your thoughts, the one that feels like it is the most important one such as “I do not deserve to be happy”. Say it out loud. It feels familiar to you. Notice the emotions, the energy in your body, how it flows. Now what if you take out the “do not”. We all deserve happiness. You know this deep down is the truth. How does it feel to say “I deserve to be happy”? Try it. And Again. Different isn’t it? How does your energy flow now? Do you believe it? Step into the DO and say it again “I deserve to be happy”. Run it by your heart a few times, repeat it consciously. To own this, to make it a permanent change, ask your body to put out a warning light when your mind reverts back to the old “do not” thought. Ask for a rush of energy up your spine, a pain in your shoulder, a twitch in your finger – whatever works. Catch the negative thought and replace it with the positive, new thought, stay with it and let it transform your energy, until you feel ready to go back to what you were doing.

Change one of your thoughts, and the rest of them change slowly too. “ I deserve to be happy” might manage to convert “I am not good enough” into “ I might be good enough” into “heck yes I am good enough”... But going the whole way in one sitting is too much to ask. 

And when your thoughts change, your emotions change, and you change too. Bring the light in, step into your power. “I deserve to be happy”. Try it!

Tuesday 2 November 2010

Feeling alone vs Being alone

Feeling alone is very different to being alone, because we can BE alone, and yet feel connected to ourselves and to others. We can FEEL alone when in a crowd, even when in a relationship, because we are disconnected, because we cannot share our thoughts and feelings with someone we trust. Perhaps there isn’t anyone that we truly trust enough to open up to completely.
There are many reasons why we disconnect , these include loss of relationships, illness, a burden we carry such as a secret, or we are hurting from something that happened to us. It can be very difficult to open our hearts to the world and allow ourselves trust and love again.

When we feel alone we cope with it. Usually by escaping from it, working longer hours, watching movies, turning to food or alcohol. Some people rely on a pet or a hobby, or even self-help books. But feeling alone leaves a void that needs filling up, and this void becomes part of our identity the longer we live with it. We unknowingly isolate ourselves further from people as we move deeper into the void.

Feeling alone = empty and unfulfilled, feeling abandoned, increases stress levels, feeds on despair and self-doubt.

Being alone is a very different space to feeling alone.

When we are being alone, we can connect energetically with ourselves, with mother earth, with any helping, healing spirits that we work with either knowingly or unknowingly. It is a time of peace, of relaxation and an opportunity to tune into our higher selves.

Being alone = solitude, fulfilment through inspiration, freedom from distraction, nourishes our body, mind and spirit.

For all those of you out there who are feeling alone today, as hard as it might seem, know that you are not. It is a difficult struggle, it seems like you are in a pit of despair. But as you find yourself at or close to the bottom of the pit, you CAN climb up and out of it. It might feel like an impossible task, but there are many of us here with helping hands to guide you up and over the rocks and stones because we have been here before, and have survived.

How do you start? Be who you are. Say what you feel. Ask for help.
You can reach me through my website:

Saturday 30 October 2010

What the heck is going on with the energy?

Jennifer Hough was talking recently on Facebook about the way the energy is moving in the world today. She describes (and I quote her below) how humans are going through great changes at the moment, how we are deeply effected by these changes and how the most sensitive of us are suffering the most.

The fact that I stumbled across her conversation (on Sherryl's page A Woman's True Voice ) shows how like minded people are coming together to support each other too, another kickback from the energetic changes. So with grace and with gratitude I quote the essence of her conversation here.

Jennifer says:

"In these times of great change we are going through loops, hoops and shifts that to our personality and ego, don't feel very good.........but to our higher selves are completely in alignment. We must allow the old ways, the stuck patterns to come up and out in order to thrive. THE KEY IS TO NOT ENGAGE THE DRAMA.......let it come up, but do not give it a lot of energy. It is no longer like 20 years ago.....we don't have time to analyze.....and if we do it this way, then the joy and peace....or at least neutrallity can be present" 

"In fact......the more we are at peace with the 'not knowing' the more the Universe has space to deliver the unimagined.....If we try to know everything before it happens, then there is no room for the miraculous dance.....miracles by definition are not expected....or known by the mind before they happened......and your life is an unfolding miracle. Dance with what presents in front of you.....and it will start flowing....and it may not include open to it happening in ways unimagined....and dance"

Jennifer Hough

So. What do we actually do with this information? Release, release, release - energetic release so that we no longer vibrate with the old things, so that we can open, open, open and invite in the new. Release the old ways, the old thoughts, the old stories. Open to new possibilities, new joys, new love. It is time for a shift in our awareness, a new awakening. It is joyful to bring in the new, to not be connected to trauma, pain and heartache. To do this we do not have to deny that part of us that was born out of it, we honour the old stories, but they no longer serve us. To do this we have to embrace ourselves, to give permission to let in the joy, to let the love in, to feel that we do deserve it.

This is our life's work. To be able to stand proud and tall, in our own power and say YES to life. Say YES I deserve to be loved. And I will start by loving myself better. Here, now, today.

And if we want to smoke a cigarette, then let us do it with joy. If we want to eat a chocolate bar, or drink a glass or two of wine, do it with joy. And release the guilt around it. The more we are aware of our bodies, our energy, our selves, we will not do ourselves or others harm. Stop questioning, stop analysing and start connecting in to our inner selves, start allowing yourself to feel good, start to truly live.

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Sunday 17 October 2010

A Moment Of Gratitude

After several long and important blog posts I have had writers block, possibly because I am trying to live up to the essence of what it was that I had already posted. To maintain the intensity, the strength of it. So as difficult as it might be, I am going to throw caution to the winds and just write a small posting today :-)

A posting of gratitude - for where I am today. Thank you all for being such wonderful friends and new connections. Thank you for extending me outwards to the four corners of the world, if the world was to have corners! Thank you so much for connecting in and sharing your pain, your lessons, your fears. I am grateful for all of it and for all that is yet to come.

So sit, have a cup of tea, put your feet up. We've all done great to get this far - it's time to rest and be grateful, and to give ourselves a pat on the back. Take a moment out and breathe. Smile. Rest and rejuvenate. Because there is lots done, but always lots more to do.

Sunday 10 October 2010

Connecting with your Inner Peace and Light

This beautiful meditation helps you connect to nature. Enjoy!

Begin by placing your hands on your abdomen and start to breathe slowly. It doesn’t matter if you breathe through your nose or mouth. What is important is that you take some deep breaths all the way down into your belly. Breathe comfortably for a few minutes, allowing your body to move into a deep and relaxed state.  Allow your troubles and thoughts to be taken away by your breath. Feel your troubles and thoughts being transformed into pure light.

As you continue to breathe slowly and deeply into your belly, think about a place in nature that you love. It is a place of great beauty or peace. It might be right where you live nearby, or a faraway place that you have travelled to. Experience yourself being in this place as fully as you can right now. Look around you and see all that there is to see. What are the colours, the plant life, the tree life, the animals, the birds, the fish? What does the sky look like? Are there clouds or is it clear? What are the sounds of nature around you? Does the wind make a sound or is it still and silent? Is there water nearby? Take a deep breath and take in the fragrance of the fresh, clean air. What else do you smell?

Feel your body sinking into the earth. The earth is holding you, supporting you, and loving you as it does each second of your life. Feel the air on your body. What is the temperature? Do you feel the sun above you feeding you with the energy of life as it does each day? Is there moisture in the air?

Remember the preciousness of life. Being here now is your peaceful time, a time away from the hustle and bustle of life. As you breathe, allow yourself to sink deeper into the comfort of mother earth, and feel connected to nature. You are connected to a web of life, you are part of nature, part of the universe. As you breathe deeply extend yourself outwards and feel the shimmer of the energy in this web as you reconnect to it. Let the energy from this web of life enter your body, let down the boundary of your skin and open up your heart and invite this beauty inside of you.

Breathe in and feel yourself fill up with unconditional love. Breathe out and let go of your tensions and anxieties, your loneliness and your pain. You are not alone, you are loved. Feel the light of your heart glowing stronger as you let in this beautiful energy, and as it glows your body begins to disappear into the earth, it melts away and there is no longer a body there just the pure, white light of your essence of being. You are a being of pure light. Feel the lightness of not having a body, the pulsating of the energy around you and inside you, the grid, the network to which you are connected. With your mind you can create thoughts that go out into the grid and touch others that are connected, try this now. Think about how good it feels to be loved, to be pure light, and send this joy out into the network of energy to go to where it is needed most.

Take a moment to ask if there are any messages for you, if there is anything you are neglecting, if there is anything that needs attention. Listen and trust what you hear at this time is what you need to hear right now. Give thanks, and remember what you have learnt. Make a commitment to take action if it is needed. Remember that this is who you are. This being of pure light.

Choose a symbol that comes to your mind, a sound you might hear, a feeling that you feel right now, and breathe it in. Draw in several breaths and be with this object, let it penetrate your light and fill you with new energy. Now slowly, visualise your internal organs materialising again, your bones, your blood vessels, your blood, your brain, your eyes, ears, nose, your skin. Embrace this body that is yours that gives you the ability to walk on this earth, to learn, to experience. The light might feel dimmer now but know that it is inside you at all times, inside everyone.

Place your hands on your heart and breathe, slowly allow yourself to come back into the room. And when you are ready, open your eyes and experience yourself as fully present. You might notice your energy is vibrating differently to the way it was when you began this exercise. Feel your body on the floor, on the pillow, on the bed. Feel your feet on the ground, and feel the earth beneath your feet.

Monday 27 September 2010

What is Shamanic Healing?

Shamanic Healing is something that is so vast, so wide, that it makes this question very difficult to answer. I can only say what Shamanic Healing is for me, how I see it, how I use it. For everyone it is different, so it is important when you are considering going for a healing that you can find a practitioner you trust, someone you feel a connection with. Use your inner judgement – if your intuition tells you “yes” then go with that, if “no”, then find someone else to work with.

Shamans have been using their medicine for over 100,000 years, talking to the sky, the wind, the plants, the rocks and the stones. It’s about connection with Nature, communion with Spirit, respect and honour for all living things. It is about talking to energy in its different forms, on different planes, it is a practice that defies chronological time and space. In the city, we are surrounded by concrete, by glass and steel. There is beauty in it but we need to search for it daily. It is difficult to feel connected to the natural life that is all around us. We are told when we need to eat, we are told what we have to do. Because of society imposing such controls over us, we have forgotten our fundamental connection to nature and worse yet, we have become disconnected from our souls, from our bodies, and we live now mostly in our minds. Shamanic Healing starts by reconnecting us with all three parts of our selves – mind, body and spirit.

We have to break away from the deadness and the dullness and find the beauty again. We are beautiful and we forget that when we concentrate on money and material goods. We begin to yearn for what we do not have, because what we do have is never enough. When we get something that we have wanted for a long time, it disappoints us because it does not fill our need. We have a beautiful energy inside of us, you can see it when you look into someone’s eyes. We are made of both shadow and light. We have everything we need already, here; we have lost touch with it, because we have been told we need more. (How would Society run if nobody bought stuff? – it would, it would just be a different type of economy). Shamanic Healing recognises all of this and allows us to be our true selves, to dream out loud, to shout and scream and dance and be angry, to be joyous, to be whole.

Shamanic practitioners have experienced deep wounding and come from a place of strength, because they survived. They can hold the space for clients as they struggle and come out of the other end of grief and trauma, knowing that it is possible to live in a different, better way.

I understand the human soul as an energy body which is composed of different types of energies, both light and dark, mostly residing in our body. As C.S. Lewis said “We do not have a soul, we are a soul. We have a body”. Our soul holds our life experiences and depending on our personality, we hold onto some experiences more than others. We can lose pieces of our soul during traumatic experiences, and never feel whole again. We can feel both heavy in our bodies, and light, depending on our moods. I believe that our thoughts influence the balance of heavy and light energies in our bodies and through Shamanic Healing, we can release the dark, heavy energies that hold us back and replace them with lighter, bright energies that invigorate and refresh us.

I have had clients come to me that look much older than their years, and leave looking much younger, because they no longer need to spend massive amounts of their energy holding themselves together. I have had clients who have been in pain for months, years even, not knowing why, medications not working for them and them at their wits end. We find that because they were holding issues in parts of their bodies, their bodies were in pain. When they see me we talk to their bodies, find out what is going on and release the issue, release the stress and the tension and they become pain-free. I have had clients who feel disconnected from life, they don’t know what their purpose is and they cannot find joy and happiness. I have searched for and found lost pieces of their soul energies through the Shamanic Journey, and I have brought them back home. My clients who experience this soul retrieval find a new lease for life, a new desire to live, to grow and to enjoy life to the full.

Shamanic Healing for me is about finding magic in the world again, feeling that connection to yourself, to your spirituality, to life. It is about finding the voice inside of you and releasing whatever is stopping it from saying a big “YES!” to life.

Wednesday 15 September 2010

The Energetic Power of Words

I have a friend who is highly intelligent, but whenever she makes a mistake, or cannot figure something out, she says “I’m just stupid”. In fact, I have seen her hitting herself on the head while saying the words “stupid, stupid, stupid”. This really shocked me. I tried to show her what she was doing, reinforcing negative thoughts and putting herself down, but she didn’t get it. I told her if she fills her head with negativity on a continuous basis, it will slip into other areas of thought, other areas of her life, and overall she will have a negative outlook. It could be almost like wearing a pair of glasses that tint everything negative.

WhenI was doing research for a Radio piece on Bullying, I phoned up my children’s school to ask about their anti-bullying policy. They said that when they work with the children they don’t mention the word bully at all. Every September they hold a “Friendship week” across all the classes across the whole school. This reminded me of the famous story about Mother Theresa, she would never attend an anti-war march, but would always show up for a peace rally.  It is about putting energy into the positive, not the negative: not the “bully” but the “friendship”; not the “war” but the “peace”.

Words have a vibration and an associated energy, positive or negative, heavy or light.  We can use this knowledge to help heal ourselves, and the world around us. Here’s an exercise you can do to capture the positive energy of words and bring it into your life:

Create lists of words that have the energy that you want to manifest. Try to use these words throughout the day. Notice how speaking these words out loud helps you feel more positive and creative. See which ones are strongest for you, and use them more often.

You can choose the most powerful words you know and write them out on Post-it notes, print them out and put them on the wall in your home where you can see them – Love, Joy, Light, Magic, Happiness, Gratitude, etc. When you see them, stop what you are doing and feel their energy. Breathe it in, and release any negativity you might be feeling at that moment. Surround yourself with these words so that you have access to them in situations where you might experience negativity – at work, in the car, by the phone. 

Remember to be responsible for your own behaviour. You can choose to respond to a situation, not to react. Let the positive energy of the words guide your response.

Sunday 5 September 2010

Take it to the Sandbox

A sandbox is a safe space where you can play. Yes, just like the ones you see the kids in, they crawl in and sit in the sand, get sand up their legs, in their shoes, between their fingers (and then treck it into the house and mash it into the carpet)... Not always a clean place to be. But a safe place. A place to experiment, to build things, to create things, and of course, to destroy them. All the sand stays in the sandbox, in an ideal world!

In software development, a sandbox is the name given to an environment where new computer programmes can run without affecting any systems that are already in place. A computer programmer creates the computer equivalent of a safe space, and then they can run their programmes that are in development without the worry that there will be a knock-on effect. There, in the safety of the sandbox, programmers can discover what works, what isn’t working (i.e. a bug in the programme – or a glitch, in normal-speak). They can find and fix the bugs by running and re-running the programme until they are confident that it is working the way they want it to. Then, after the sandbox play, they can take the programme into the big wide world to start the next phase of testing its functionality.

Why am I taking about sandboxes? Well, as an adult on a healing journey, we can use them too. We can create a safe environment where we can try out new things, see what works and what doesn’t work, and play with it, tweak it, change it until we get the effect that we are looking for.  Take writing for example – a writer has to write a specific piece, a blog, a play, a short story. They sit with the blank page and know exactly what they want to say (or not), but don’t know how to get the words out. Don’t know where the beginning is, the middle, maybe they know the ending but they don’t know how to get there. Then the mind kicks in – they start thinking about the audience, will they like it? Will they hate it? Will they still like me if they hate my work? Why am I bothering doing this? Then what happens.... the writer is spending too much time in their brain, and not enough time actually writing anything.  That’s where the sandbox comes in.

The Sandbox = a space where you will not be disturbed + a time limit.

Whether you are a writer, a computer programmer or a wishful thinker, there are many things you can do in a sandbox that you might not allow yourself to do out in the real world – such as dancing freely, painting, singing out loud.... Even trying on a dress you’d never wear or swirling around and around in a room until you fall down breathless!  The Sandbox is about connecting with the energy that you are, about getting in touch with your essence, all in a safe place. And a safe place could be in the middle of a busy street, in the centre of the city, if that’s what you want it to be.

And the time limit?  Yes, you need the time limit because just as you need a place to sit while you play in the sand, you need walls around the sand to contain it and make sure it doesn’t spill out everywhere. So pick a place, decide on a time limit and set an alarm. Then what?

Well, you need to know what is stopping you in the real world before you can remove it to play and learn in the sandbox. What types of things are stopping you from accessing your full potential? Self-esteem? Old patterns of behaviour? The echoes of voices from the past telling you that you are not good enough? Voices telling you that you don’t deserve it? You shouldn’t do it? Worse still, you can’t? These things do not belong in a sandbox and so must be left outside.

Only for the time limit you have set, so don’t worry, you can pick them all up again once the alarm you have set, goes off. (Why would you want to pick them back up again? Well, hey, that’s what we do isn’t it?)

So – safe space, set alarm, then drop the voices that say no. Drop the repressed part of you that doesn’t give you permission to perform. Say “I can” out loud, several times. Give yourself permission to be you. Breathe. Open. Go into your body, feel the ground beneath your feet. Feel the light above you, and if you need to, give your inhibitions to the universe to hold for you, just for a small while. You will know when you are ready. Then jump right into the sandbox. Get messy! Throw some sand around. Get sand in your hair. Nobody is looking.

Friday 27 August 2010

Not ready for Autum just yet

Today is coming closer to the last day of August. My children are getting ready to go back to school, buying shoes, schoolbags and books. I never enjoyed this time of year and I always tried to imagine September is still summertime. In Ireland you could almost get away with that for the last few years, the weather is still good, sometimes even better than it was in August. By habit, I don't want Autumn to come in yet, I'm not ready for it. Well, over previous years I have never been ready for it. Ready for the days getting shorter, less sunlight to draw life from, darkness to make us feel that we should hibernate. Never ready for the colder, wetter weather, finding jumpers that don't make us look twice the size we are, hiding from the lure of sweets and snacks that I "need" to "keep me going".... These just some of the many Autumtime stresses I usually fight against.

This time its different. I have my own business now, I am my own boss and I just did my books - I have had more clients this month than the last few months even though it might not have felt like it! I have two workshops coming up and I am giving a talk in October. And this month, I was elected onto the Reiki Federation of Ireland, as their Webdesigner and Editor. So I will be very busy doing what it is that I love to do. It can be a huge cause of stress, being somewhere you have to be, doing something you have to do, and not wanting to be there, doing it. I am blessed that I have found my calling and I thank Spirit for helping me by opening the doors both here on the Internet, and on the ground. I trust that the money will come, as it is needed (hope someone up there is listening to that!). And instead of imaging the negatives of Autumn, I will be listening for the footfall of clients as they approach my room for a session. Knowing that when they leave, they are more connected, more grounded, and have released some of their pain. That is such a reward, being there to hold their hands as they take another step on their journey. So my Autumn might not be so bad after all!

Thursday 19 August 2010

How to Work Energetically with Trees

When we are dealing with deep upset and unbalance, sometimes life feels just too big for us to handle ourselves. When there are no friends to talk to, talking to a tree can be a great help for grounding us.  I know it sounds all new-agey and tree-hugging-ish but there is method in my madness! Energetically, trees ARE bigger than us, and they can handle the big emotions when we cannot.
If you want to try this, it might be good to try it when you are not deeply upset. It means that you will be doing something you are already familiar with when you do need it. I have another method for "very deeply upset" which I will mention at the end of this post.
Go for a walk to find a big, old tree, one that has a very strong trunk and tall tall branches.  An Oak  tree or a Scots Pine are my favourite types of tree for this work. See if it feels comfortable to be near it.  Approach the tree, with your hands open and say hello. Now you don't have to say "hello" with your voice out loud, but you can do this with your energy, like Harry Potter when he learns how to cast spells with his mind. You can say things loudly with your mind and your intention, so say a big “Hello!” to the tree. Approach the tree and place your hands on its trunk, and ask it with your intention if you can work with it today.
You may feel a resounding yes, you might feel nothing. But if you feel anything negative at all, that’s a no, and please do trust your instinct on this. If you get a no, the tree might be damaged and not able to help you out today, so give thanks for the dialogue and go find another tree!
When you get a yes, say thanks to the tree and begin to work with it. How? Well, start from the ground. Imagine your energy is going to mix with the energy of the tree. Start at your feet and go down through the earth, connect into the root system of the tree and go deep deep down with the taproot. Imagine the soil, the stones, the bedrock, imagine going down further until you hit the deepest layers of the earth. When you are connected to the earth, track your body up from your feet, to your stomach, chest and neck, and then your head. Draw a chord of your energy out from your head and mix it with the energy of the tree - up up up into the sky with the tall branches, shoot it right out of your head. Just as the tree reaches up to the sun for light, you call in this light into your body, draw it down into you with the help of the tree, so you are now mixing the sun and the earth, and your energy has expanded.
Breathe that way for a while. It should feel different to how you were before you started. When you are ready, ask the tree if it will help you "dump" the emotional burden you are carrying into the earth, deep into the root system to be turned into something a little more useful for Mother Earth. (Mother Earth can transform the energy of our pain into energy of growth and nurturing for the plants and insects). With your breath, blow all your stress, anxiety, trauma through the energy chords you have generated downwards and into the earth. Ask the tree for help if you can’t do it yourself. You might get a little light-headed at this point so go gently with the blowing!
Once you are feeling better, when you are ready, draw in some more sunlight in through the top of your head. Stay like this for a while. What is great about this work is that you can do it all in a public place and people will just see you standing beside a tree with your hands on the tree trunk!.
When you feel able to, slowly untangle your energy body from the tree, disconnect completely from it (very important to make sure it’s a complete disentanglement) and once again, give thanks to the tree for holding you while you let go of whatever it was you had to let go of.
Now, some people might find working with trees an easy thing to do, others may have trouble and need to practice. If you feel this is something you would like to do and are having trouble with it, or you want to try it with me, you can contact me via Even if you are not based in Dublin, I would be happy to talk you through it on the email.
And for that "very very deeply upset" method, you can do this in your garden: Lie prostrate on the grass, facing downwards. Open your heart into the grass, and call to mother earth to help you, to take away all the pain you are carrying so that you can manage. She will. That's why she is here.

Monday 16 August 2010

The Mind of a Child

My eldest girl today wasn't feeling well. My 2 year old daughter went up to her and put
her hand on 'Megans head "to take the sick out".
So I told her to send "the sick" up to the sky and with great delight she threw her little fist up into the air and said "go into the sky, sick". We laughed. Children are such amazing natural healers. If adults could break through the barriers of being adults it would come so naturally to them, too.

Monday 9 August 2010

Meditation to Release Stress

You can do this meditation anywhere if you have a few minutes when you know you will not be interrupted. The more you do it, the easier it becomes.

Sit in a comfortable position, unfold your arms and legs and place your feet squarely on the floor. Become aware of the chair or the floor where you are sitting/lying and feel it supporting your body. Become aware of your breath, as you breathe out, release any tension in your body, feel your body relaxing from your head down to your feet. As you breathe in, imagine you are breathing in a soft pink light which fills you with peace and love.

When you are feeling secure and grounded, visualise a place in nature where you feel happy. It might be somewhere you have been already, or somewhere you have travelled to before in a meditation. Experience yourself there as fully as you can be at this moment. Look around you and see the colours, the textures, the life around you. Can you hear any noises? What are they? Can you see any animals moving? What does the sky look like? Is the air still and clear?

Take a deep breath. What can you smell? What other sensations are you experiencing right now? Can you feel the sunshine on your skin? As you breathe, give yourself permission to experience the peace and calm of being part of nature. Whatever troubles you might have on your mind, held in your body, release them into the scenery. Let the grass take your problems for a while, let the sea carry them for you, just for the next few minutes. Relax more into your body as the stress and strain trickles away from your body at this moment.

Feel your connection to the earth, as you breathe, feel a strong, solid energy beneath you holding you, nurturing and caring for you. As you breathe out feel this connection grow stronger, a beautiful sensation of warmth filling your body from the earth, and you can send stress or anxiety through this connection directly into the ground, releasing it from your body.

As you relax further, feel your own personal sun just above your head. With your breath, draw down a shaft of light from this sun and feel it connecting to the top of your head. Breathe down golden light energy and feel it trickle down your face, your neck, chest and shoulders, cleansing you of any remaining tension. Draw this beautiful light energy down your body, down your abdomen, stomach, hips, thighs and down your legs, past your knees to your ankles and over your feet, like a golden sheath. with each in-breath, feel the golden energy trickling down and over your body, and with each out breath, feel the stress and tension leave your body. Feel the energy of earth and sky mixing in you as it cleanses and purifies you.

With your breath, allow yourself to come back into the room that you are lying or sitting in. Come back with the memory of peacefulness, with the knowledge that you do not have to hold the stress in your body any longer. Hold in your body this experience and know that you can come back to this place whenever you need to. When you are ready, take your time, feel your feet, your hands, stretch and move about a little bit, then you can open your eyes. Become aware of the sounds in the room you are in, of the light, the colours and the objects around you. Welcome back home!

Saturday 31 July 2010


When can we say we are finally content? There are so many answers we need, so many questions to ask. There are plans to make, things we need to have, educational achievements to complete.
We recognise when we are not happy - when our body feels heavy, when our eyes hurt, we seem slower and everything around us less noticeable as we sink into our own sorrow. We recognise happiness and we wake up to the world around us - we see it in a glistening of a dewdrop in the morning sun, the opening of a flower, somebody else's smile.
It is funny how we become consumed inwards when we are upset or down, and we look outwards to the world when we are lifted. 
So then, what is contentment? It is neither looking out nor in, it is being here, now. It is not needing anything, not joyous but not consumed by sadness either. Contentment is releasing all the questions we have to have the answers to, and instead relying on an inner peace that brings us balance, both outwards and inwards.

Tuesday 29 June 2010


Last Friday I went to my children’s school’s last assembly of the year. I was a guest of honour; there were no other parents present. After the announcements, the prizes and a tearful retirement parade, the principal said that to the crowd that there was another special guest present. Then she turned to me. I felt the tears well up in my eyes. I had donated my family piano to the school several months ago and the children were going to sing a special song accompanied by the piano to say thank you.

This piano had been in my life for as long as I can remember. My grandfather had given it to my mother as a wedding gift. It had sat in my house for the last few years but I never felt that it was really mine. It held many memories of my life, as it sat, silent in my living room, gathering dust. This piano that I listened to for years as my mother practiced on it while I was a child, this piano that somehow brought beauty into a traumatic home, this piano that I tried to avoid playing for many years.... my mother’s piano, became for a moment, my piano.

When the day came that the school took it away, I felt a new, clear space in the house. I had not realised that the memories were embedded still in that piano for me. And now, with a few hundred happy faces staring up at me (“she’s the one that gave the school the piano!”) I felt a mixture of relief, pride, sadness and joy. Knowing that now this piano would become alive, bringing joy to many children, teachers and parents, set something free inside of me. It was my piano, if only for a moment, and then it was gone.

That is what this work is about. Recognising the story, honouring the story, feeling the sadness, but then letting it go. Transforming the pain into something of use, into something beautiful. Transforming it into something that will touch others, something that we can begin to value in ourselves as having worth. Being of worth. Worthwhile. The piano was my issue, but it is gone now, and the pain I unconsciously held onto is not gone, but transformed.

Wednesday 16 June 2010

Why do I need a Counsellor?

The solutions to most of our problems are within us, but sometimes they are hidden. Counselling is a space that you can use to explore your issues and problems safely, with gentle guidance from a therapist to help them find the “light inside”.

Each person is different, and even though we all have similar needs in life, our life experiences can affect how we perceive ourselves, other people and our situations. By getting to know you, a counsellor can point out patterns of thinking that might be stopping you from seeing all sides of a situation clearly.

Sometimes, to make life a little bit easier, all you need to do is become aware of a problem that you might not have already seen before. Sometimes, you might have a decision to make and counselling is a great opportunity to explore different angles and different options that you might have, before making a decision. And sometimes, decisions are made for you that you might find difficult to live with. Counselling is a good place to come to learn how to change your attitude towards something, to make it work for you instead of against you.

Above all, Counselling is a safe, confidential space that is there to help you improve your life situation. Working with a Counsellor happens at your pace, your timing. You take home what you put into it. And you will find, by forming a relationship with your counsellor, that in this world it is good to know that you have another form of support in your life to carry you through the difficult times.

Sunday 6 June 2010


“The thing you fear most has no power.
Your fear of it is what has the power.
Facing the truth really will set you free.” - Oprah

We heal ourselves with great risk. Risk that we change, and lose the familiar parts of ourselves, so that we no longer recognise ourselves. Risk that our friends and our families no longer recognise us either, and no longer wish to be around us. But we remain stuck with a fear of changing at great risk too, risk of getting sick as our bodies hold in our anxieties, our anger, our resentment. Risk of  "going postal" because we could begin to resent the people we love, the job we are in, and one day we wake up and implode. Or worse, explode.

Fear serves a purpose, yes. At its best, it holds us back and makes us think about what it is we need to do, before we jump right in and do it. At its worst, it prevents us from taking the leap and we remain in a box that no longer fits us, twisting ourselves up into knots in order to stay in a space that we have already outgrown.

Facing the fear involves realising that it is the fear itself, not the actions we need to take, that makes our heart race, our blood boil, our stomach tense. How do we move from this? I suggest we pour out a cup of tea and invite the fear into the room to find out what it wants from us. Talk to it, thank it for the warning. Ask it what would happen to you if you stay where you are. Ask it what would happen if you take the steps you are thinking of taking, the ones that scare you so much. Ask it to become your ally in your life's journey, to hold you when you are making a mistake, and to walk with you instead of against you. Things are difficult enough in this world to be fighting against yourself as well.  And when you do this, the fear is then seen, it feels recognised, validated. It softens, and delivers a message to you that you might not have considered before.

Like Oprah says, its the fear that has the power, because you are giving it that power. Turn fear into a friend, and you can do anything.

Sunday 23 May 2010

Take a Trip Down The Road Less Travelled

It used to be that the majority of people would go through life unaware. Asleep. It was more of an existence than a life well lived. Phrases like "the rat race", "nose to the grindstone" were descriptors of the working week and expectations were low. "Thank God it's Friday" also used a lot, and the weekend a time to get mindlessly drunk, overeat, watch movies and generally escape and burn off frustration built up over the grinding week.
Times are changing. You could say, this type of lifestyle couldn't go on for too long anyway, but it has done. So what is snapping people out of their sleep-like trance with life? In my opinion I imagine that sharing our experiences on a more intimate level is a big cause of this shift in consciousness. The Internet is a great way to express oneself, as I am expressing myself to you, on this blog. Facebook, Twitter etc are bringing people together with common interests who may never have otherwise met. And a thirst for knowledge. People, once they see there is more to life, want to know what the more is. It's like spreading gossip, only in a good way. Reiki, for example, is now acceptable in some hospitals in the States, for both Staff and patients. More and more people here in Ireland are going to counselling and psychotherapy, whether to save a relationship or to improve their relationship with life. Things are opening up now and people are coming out of hiding. Like the abuse victims. It's because one person has the courage to speak out, it inspires the next one, and the next one. Suddenly everybody is talking. It is so wonderful to see people who want to heal themselves and to heal others too.
Some of us have been on this healing journey, famously called the road less travelled in a poem by Robert Frost, for a while now. Some people for so long perhaps they feel that it's over, their work is done. But the work is never done as long as we are here to tell the tale. Some of us are just beginning to wake up, and it is overwhelming once our eyes open, to take in all the new possibilities that nature has to offer. And some of us are still sleeping and possibly fighting against the waking (and getting sick from it). Some people possibly will never wake.
If you take one thing from this post today I hope it is this: we are all on our own journey. No one journey is the same and we cannot presume to fully understand anyone else’s' but our own. Understanding our own journey is a life's work in itself. So I imagine the road less travelled, also called the road towards enlightenment, becoming busier as more people begin to wake up. It's a beautiful thing, and even more beautiful is the thought that those of us on the road already can lend a helping hand to those of us just beginning.
Open your heart next time you see someone who irritates or angers you and let the anger dissolve. This person may not have yet woken, or may be struggling with a thorny bush or a slippery stream on their journey. Together we can heal each other. Together we can heal the world.

Sunday 9 May 2010

That mantra just doesn't work for me!

"I cannot be fat and serene, and I don’t want to be. Thin by itself is not necessarily well, but OA is teaching me how to be both thin and serene." -Lifeline Sampler (p. 339) from Overeaters Anonymous Website

Oh my god!! I cannot be fat and serene? Surly that's exactly where the problem lies? Not allowing yourself to be serene and accepting of your body at whatever state it is currently in, is a recipe for disaster (excuse the pun). If we can learn to accept our bodies as they are, them serenity follows. The need for emotional eating dissipates when we are serene, that cream cake just doesn't look so appealing anymore because we feel content and do not "need" it. If we are not binge eating, weight loss will happen. Therefore it takes the pressure off being on a diet, off of losing weight. Losing weight then no longer dominates our lives, our thoughts, our every thinking moment. Imagine what that would be like? To wake up in the morning and feel happy?

So to say that you cannot be serene in your current physical state is like a prison sentence. You are committing yourself to unhappiness. Why not say something more like "I deserve to feel peaceful, I deserve to be happy, no matter what my body shape"? That is a greater truth. Or say "I choose to be content in the body that I have, today". For this to truly work you have to create your own mantra. We are all doing the best we can, let's be a bit nicer to ourselves.

Monday 3 May 2010

Is it better to have loved and lost?

I read the story of Marcia and Seneca today. During the time of Caligula in Rome, Marcia lost her son just before he turned 25 in a war. Three years after he was killed, Marcia was still as grief-stricken as she was the day she found out. Seneca was a philosopher who sent Marcia a letter saying "The question at issue is whether grief ought to be deep or neverending".

Feeling grief deeply is allowed and should be more commonly recognised as a need in life. But we have to give ourselves permission to grieve. All too many times this is not the case, and people carry the weight of bereavement around for years not really knowing or understanding what it is that keeps dragging them down. Feeling a deep grief for a short amount of time is healthy, and after an appropriate amount of time (but it is dififcult to define appropriate), we pick ourselves back up and continue our journey of life. Feeling grief forever is not what we are supposed to do.

One of the side effects of feeling grief in our bodies is a feeling of being alive. We block everything else out and just are our feelings, and this can be addictive as it is nice to shut the outside world off for a while. When grief is prolonged, it seeps into our bones and becomes our identity. We form new habits around it, it is like a warm, familiar blanket, maybe not too comfortable, but safe, in a strange kind of way. When prolonged grief has occured, having the ability to lift the blanket of grief aside when the time comes, can be incredibly difficult.

This is where shamanic work is so powerful. In a graceful way, shamanism helps you shed the heaviness, embrace new light and move on with your life. It does not mean that you never felt the grief, no, instead it means that you are somehow different, changed, because of it. You can leave the heaviness behind and live your life in a transformed way, all the better for having met, loved and lost.

You can find out more about Shamanism on my website,

Monday 19 April 2010

Taking a moment?

We all have hectic lives running from pillar to post. Perhaps that's why we like to stop for a moment to sit and sip a coffee. But do we really stop when we do this? I see many people in caf├ęs with phones out, laptops, newspapers… These things intrude on our lives, whether we know it or not. They invite third party information that we may not have asked for into our few moments of peace.

So why do we do it? It's almost as if even spending a few moments by ourselves, completely alone, is an impossible task. Can we just simply sit, and be with ourselves?

Next time you find yourself sitting alone with a cup of something hot, or cold, see if, for the duration of the drink, you can leave the phone and the laptop behind. Just for as long as it takes you to drink your delicious beverage. And then, if you can, notice if you actually feel like you managed to get a moment to yourself today.

Monday 29 March 2010

The Peaceful Warrior

There is much agression and pain in the world today. We can attract it even if we are not looking for it, aggression and pain can be a great distraction from looking inside at our selves. The peaceful warrior lives and practices truth. By being true to our selves, we do not need to engage in aggression, as we are comfortable with who we are without having to justify it. Peaceful warriors need no enemy, they step away from agression. Peaceful warriors learn where balance is and they learn how to dance with whatever comes.

Wednesday 17 March 2010

We become what we think

"The thought manifests as the word. The word manifests as the deed. The deed develops into habit. And the habit hardens into character. So watch the thought and its ways with care. And let it spring from love, born out of concern for all beings." Buddha

Tuesday 9 March 2010

Seeing with your heart

Somebody wrote "It will become visible to you when you can see it."  See what? We see too much these days, children play vicious computer games and kill kill kill, we see violence on the streets and we don’t help anymore, we see pictures of children dying in Africa and we don’t jump in to rescue them.  Seeing has to become numb because we cannot act on everything. But it is then almost as if we have forgotten how to open our hearts, to see through our hearts.  It is not something we can do all the time, 24 hours a day, because seeing with our heart can make us vulnerable. But it can also make us more human. It also helps us see inside to our own heart, to love ourselves. This seeing with our heart, opens our eyes, and we can once again be part of the journey of life. So for those of you who doubt, hear this:
"He who fears must love over his fearing, for love be the sun that dispels that shadow." - Patience Worth

Wednesday 3 March 2010

Getting out of a vicious circle

I just watched the final episode of Operation Transformation and it left me wondering... What happens next for the leaders? 8 weeks of media attention, vigorous exercise, commando training and eating plans.... Of course they lost weight, its inevitable with all that support and attention. But what now? will they keep it up? Or flop out over the next week or two with the anti-climax, then go back to old habits?

And what about the rest of us? Without access to personal trainers, nutritionists, the army or motivational coaches, how can we do it alone? It seems like an impossible task to lose weight without all that support. But it doesn't have to be. There's a trick to losing weight, and it starts with a decision to make a change. Just one change at a time is all a person can successfully make.

I suggest that diets don't work. The secret to successful weight loss is understanding how we got where we are in the first place. What emotional issues underly our eating habits? What, in fact, are our eating habits? If you want to lose weight, and you are serious about it, then keep a food diary and be honest about it. What did you eat, when, and what was going on for you at the time. Do it for a week and see if there is a pattern... do it for a month and go deeper into it. You might learn something about yourself in the process, and the food will start to look less appetising.

Make a change for life, not just for a few weeks.

Monday 22 February 2010

Making Time

Most of us go through life rushing from one thing to the next. We are constantly making plans, we even eat quickly, without tasting our food. Time, there never seems to be enough of it. It's easy to let things go past, until soon, we loose touch with friends, forget to play with our children, even loose touch with ourselves.

A few years ago I realised that it is not a question of not having enough time, but a question of how we choose to spend the time we do have. It is time to make time work for us. My language changed. Instead of saying "Sorry, I don't have time", I started saying "I'll make the time.." Time to play with the kids, to visit a friend, to write a letter. Let us make time work for us instead of feeling its working against us. At the end of the day, time really is all that we have, and we cannot buy it back.

Wednesday 17 February 2010

Paying interest to trouble

I tend to write things down when I hear them if they resonate with me. I collect these sayings in the notes feature on my phone, and go back to them when I have time to pick them apart.

Recently in a movie, I heard someone say "worry is interest paid on trouble that hasn't happened yet". I liked that, and noticed, as I wrote it in that another quote I had collected recently was very similar. It said "our greatist fears come in anticipation"

It resonates with me right now as I feel like I am in a transition, between where I am and where I want to be. And thinking about all the things that could go wrong had been causing me anxiety. It's the same as the quote - the idea of spending my energy on trouble that hasnt happened yet, causing worry. Interest is something I pay to a bank with much reluctance, so why should I pay it to trouble? Anxiety comes from fear of something that hasn't happened yet.. It may be based on past experience, but, again, its anticipating trouble, that hasnt yet happened.

Before I read the quotes I realised what it was that I was doing and I stopped doing it. I felt a relief, and after a while, the worry and anxiety subsided .Finding the quotes validated the work for me. I would much rather spend my energy on something positive - like making plans for the future instead of worrying about them. Bleeding energy into worry takes away from what we have to work with. Its time to change our attitude and reclaim our energy.

Saturday 13 February 2010

Taking the first step

I was helping a friend set up her website, she plans to teach personal development and reiki. I was chatting to her about how useful a blog would be, in that she would get more coverage for her website, it could be a great marketing tool, and a spin off would be that she could use the blog as a portal to speak to people about what she believed in.

Then I realised - I have not done this yet.

So here I am, taking the next step on my journey, and the first step for this blog. It makes me contemplate the idea of first steps. Instead of looking at the length of the road ahead, I'm taking a moment to appreciate where I've been. The first step - It's about having faith in yourself that you can do whatever it is that you intend to do. So I say out loud, I have faith in myself and I start here, now, today.